Another Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Winner!


Head of UK affiliates for LeoVegas
Hey Everyone!

I hope all is well.

We see our second winner within a week on Mega Fortune Dreams - Joakim from Linköping - who ironically was also playing before he went to bed like our last this the lucky way to land a win?

Congratulations from Joakim! :D

So the story starts with a friends recommendation to try out LeoVegas (His friend must be seriously miffed!) and with it being a Sunday night he took the time to try us out. He made his first deposit of €10 and started to spin on some slots via his mobile when he stumbled across Mega Fortune Dreams.

"What happened here?"

He couldn't believe his eyes! He had heard stories of people winning big from a small wager but he didn’t think it would happen to him, especially as he had only been playing for about 30 minutes but then again they never do!

Joakim understandably hasn't had to time to figure out what he is going to do with his winnings, as it was a late night win combined with an early morning to get to work. He thinks he will probably treat himself to a nice break away somewhere sunny or maybe take a trip around the world - who knows!

Whatever you decide Joakim we wish you all the best – enjoy!

All the best,



Head of UK affiliates for LeoVegas
Congrats to the winner! :thumbsup:
How much was the jackpot before it was hit?
Hey SlotMonster,

Yes it's brilliant, the jackpot has been won here twice in a week!

The most recent jackpot, that Joakim won was 2,254,169 SEK (€238,667) (£168,764):thumbsup: