Another Decent Result!!


RIP Lisa
Oct 15, 2004
Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Played another freeroll last night. I didn't win, but nothing wrong with 10th place with over 4,600 people playing. I only had 124,000 chips when I made the final table, and the blinds were 40K/80K. I got dealt a Q,A hearts, and went all in. Not much choice at that point. I got beat by a pair of 7's or something on the flop. Couldn't catch a Q or an A. Still, a respectable finish I thought? :)

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Hell is only a word
May 1, 2006
That's a nice run Pina and I know you play well, I've seen it first-hand, although you shouldn't mess about in freerolls. They may be a nice pass-time but the "real" ones play just the same. Try your luck and skillz in any $5-20 and you'll see what I mean. The only differences are the payouts and the fact that you won't have to wade through 10000 people/spend 5 hours of your day to get to the money.

Please move to the buy-in tourneys, you will certainly do well there. Trust me on this. I will gladly stake you to reduce variance. :)

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