Another Casino-on-Net Complaint


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Apr 21, 2003
Wish I had knowledge of this board prior to losing $50,000 to Casino-on-Net since September. This weekend another $5,000. Do NOT play their slots or blackjack (unfamiliar with their other games but assume it's probably the same). $1,500 played today on $1 slots ($3 at a time) and only lined up once (for the least payout of $75, of course). Same thing yesterday and the day before. Another thing: "Random" raffle on 1st and 15th of each month with no deposit required. The more you have deposited, the more "random" dollars you get. Kinda lets you know there's nothing "random" about it.
I would say steer clear of casino-on-net. Why keep dumping money in a casino that is never going to pay you?? I am surprised that they havent been further scrutanized for unfair games
Yeah I would stay away from Casino-On-net too! I won over $2,000 and they refused to pay me, using the excuse that my original deposit wasn't good, therefore my winnings was invalid. I wouldn't expect a big casino like this to pull a stunt like this, are they in financial trouble or something? Well the only casino that is reliable seems to be Intercasino, with E-Cash direct.
I have played casino on net numerous times with no such problems. Payouts are sent to my neteller account like clockwork in 4 days.
CON has a solid rep in my book. Everything is laid out and honest, and payments are sent when they say they are sent.

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