Another bad experience of the sister casino of connectocasino (portofino)


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May 1, 2004
Here the bad experience of the day from a sister casino of connectocasino:

Portofino like Hampton or destination poker - All sisters casino of Connectocasino, all CROOKS:

Is here:

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Portofino scam
don't even try with this place I won $800 and they told me to fax the form which id I even had a email from them saying my doc. were approved.well today i got another email saying that my withdrawal was denied because i did not sent my doc. or have not meet the wager req. I did, I contact customer service and they told that it was because I have another account but I do not,they also lock my account this place is bad, stay away.
And another bad experience here:

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Always problems with Connectocasino or all their sisters casinos.
AND speaking about connectocasino, one more problem here:

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(10/12/04 10:55 pm)
Reply Re: Connecto $15 for 3 top votes
I hate this place. They cheated me on so much money it's pathetic. I deposited over $100 here and never got any of my winnings. You know they locked my account then. They rate below all RTG casinos in my book. Not worth the time to vote for them, then turn around and email back to them....


Incredible every day problems...
Black21Jack said:
How boring. I think most people got your point after your 1st post about it that actually involved you. Why bother posting other peoples experiences?

These are experiences that are well are known.
He's still under the delusion that they owe him money, when he is the one that owes them money.
Let's give it a rest. This is getting a bit redundant. I believe Marcolino's case was simply not resolved in his favor, thus the animosity. Please don't get this board confused with one where you can simply bash any casino you have a disagreement with.

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