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Jul 6, 2010
Just hit the jackpot on Battle of Bastogne for 14,000. on 3dice.

Can't believe I have hit it twice now. I put in like 7000-8000 the past few months but I finally got a nice hit. Picture is in winner screenshots for Sep.


Been a terrible few months absent making like 3000 on ignition last week. Sports have been terrible. Happy to get some back ;)
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Anyone can hit it. I was chasing the smaller jackpot that kept getting up to 700. But it was a a bad month until I hit that. I have hit the smaller one tons of times so it makes it worthwhile once the small one gets up there.
I saw it had reset, congrats! What bet size were you doing to trigger it? I presume jackpot odds are proportional to bet size.

I was going 1.80 a spin. The last time I hit it I was going 1.90 a spin. I think the higher you bet the odds of triggering a tank go up which would give you better odds at hitting a jackpot. But people have hit the smaller jackpot going 10 cents. I think someone hit the maxi jackpot going 1.00 before as well. All my jackpots have been won with 3 scatters. So it is possible it's related to bet size but not sure.

I do know if you see the smaller jackpot get up around 600-700 it is going to hit. I think it has only once gone over 1000. The big jackpot usually goes off around 12000 or so.
2x in relatively short order, congrats.

Yeah I assume it's proportional to bet size, the one I'm curious about how it works is the skunks game. Like say you bet 6 coins or 9 coins, they both need 19 pileups to trigger the jackpot game. But does the 9 coin version have a better chance of hitting the jackpot once triggered? Or might you be better off betting 6 coins and getting more playtime to try to hit the jackpot. So yeah I'm curious if it matters at all for that game or if some bets are more efficient than others. I tried taking a shot at the jackpot maybe 6 months or a year ago when it was over $15,000, lost a few thousand and gave up on 3dice for a while after that. Though I've been cutting down my slots playing altogether these days, which is probably for the best.
If you've got a UK IP then you're very limited, you'll be into the realms of VPNs and most likely have to use Bitcoin. I tried connecting to the 3Dice site on a UK IP and got a basic 'We don't service customers from your jurisdiction' message. They don't have a UKGC licence so workarounds will be required, basically. Whether or not you're up for that level of complication is a personal choice, I'd say 3Dice themselves are entirely trustworthy (I've had an account there for over eight years), but it'd still be a bit of a faff.

That said, if I ever found myself back in the UK for any reason, I'd be prepared to look into my options to carry on playing there, put it that way.

As it is I get international deposit and withdrawal options as I live on the IOM which isn't actually part of the UK, so I use EcoPayz for deposits and withdrawals. The fees - (on the EcoPayz side, there are no 3Dice fees) - aren't too bad and can be mitigated somewhat by simply using 3Dice's 'Personal Safe' for deposits and withdrawals if I'm not bothered about getting my money completely 'out' as it were. (Which I'm generally not.)
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