And you thought casino support was slow...


Jan 12, 2001
I ordered a web template - and after half an hour the order was declined even though the credit card had been billed, so I went to live chat.

Connecting. Please wait.
Operator is available. Feel free to inquire for information.
02:37:20 <me> hi - my order # 2991915 was cancelled - never heard the phone ring
02:41:59 <me> hello?
02:50:22 <me> anyone there?
02:51:35 <Andy> How May I help you?
02:52:09 <me> my order was cancelled, and my phone never rang. I just sent a scanned passport copy to My order was 2991915
02:53:38 <me> can you please process this order?
02:57:26 <me> hello...
02:57:47 <Andy> Please hold on
03:07:12 <me> do you need any more information from me?
03:08:00 <Andy> no
03:08:02 <Andy> thank you
03:08:13 <me> do i need to wait for anything more?
03:08:31 <Andy> Please tell me where are you currently located
03:08:36 <me> thailand
03:08:53 <Andy> Ok
03:09:19 <me> anything else you would like me to verify?
03:09:40 <Andy> Would you please send us a scanned copy of your Credit Card
03:10:01 <me> same email address?
03:10:05 <Andy> yes
03:15:06 <me> sent
03:19:21 <me> would you like anything else?
03:19:45 <Andy> no thank you
03:23:45 <me> so is the order going to be processed?
03:29:05 <me> are you sure you don't need any further verification?
03:29:32 <Andy> Please wiat
03:29:33 <Andy> ok
03:30:11 <me> my apologies, but I've been waiting nearly an hour for this to be sorted?
03:37:00 <me> please
03:41:30 <me> is there something you are waiting for?
03:45:35 <me> andy?
03:48:23 <me> hello?
03:50:53 <me> listen - we need to get this resolved... can you please clear this immediately?
03:51:10 <me> or at least tell me what the delay is?

Never order anything from or its affiliates. What's funnier is, they actually accept Moneybookers - guess who's going to get a scathing email from me? :D
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Geez, I just don't have that kind of patience. You were there for over an hour! :eek2:

Unbelievable. :eek:

I am definitely not ever buying anything from them.
Another 7 hours later, nothing has been done.

So I try again hoping I will get a different support person.

Operator is available. Feel free to inquire for information.
09:39:57 <me> anyone there?
09:40:48 <Yan> yes
09:40:49 <Yan> hello, how can I help You?
09:40:55 <me> hi Yan
09:41:10 <me> I am still waiting for order 2991915 to be fulfilled
09:41:27 <me> passport and scan of credit card were sent to Andy earlier today
09:41:43 <me> and he has done absolutely nothing ane kept me waiting an hour and a half on the online chat
09:42:50 <Yan> where are You located right now?
09:42:55 <me> thailand
09:43:43 <me> and btw that was about 6 hours ago
09:44:09 <Yan> hold on please, everything will be fine
09:44:21 <Yan> I promise
09:46:15 <me> thanks
09:48:16 <Yan> May I give You a call? What is Your reachable phone number?
09:49:17 <me> +66 xxxx xxxx

Two minutes later, the order was fulfilled.

I wonder how long Andy will keep his job. What an idiot...

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