Ancient Aztec game arrives


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001

Historically an Aztec game, "liar's dice" is widely played has delivered on its prediction that it would launch a proprietary Perudo game this year (see previous InfoPowa report) with the arrival of an online, real money version of the popular "liar's dice" game.

Perudo's roots lie in an ancient Aztec and Spanish game commonly played in Latin American countries and gaining widespread favour in other parts of the world. The game achieved prominent contemporary publicity when the monstrous animated pirates in the film "Pirates of the Caribbean" hilariously played the game with Johnny Depp, starring as Captain Jack Sparrow.

The game calls for players at the table to place bets on the quantity of dice face values contained in their opponents' hands. The last person with dice on the table wins. What makes the game especially exciting for players is the bluff factor. Players frequently bluff each other in order to confuse opponents about the dice they are actually holding.

BackgammonMasters all-in-one game lobby offers play and real money poker, backgammon, blackJack and now, perudo, in one download of their multi-language software platform.

That means that not only is Perudo available for all Latin markets, but all of the games and the software/game lobby itself is available in Spanish, Portuguese....and 10 other languages.

According to BackgammonMasters, the company plans to release many more culturally specific games that will appeal to mass audiences.

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