An Online Gambling Message for Sheldon Adelson:APCW Perspectives Weekly for June 24th


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An Online Gambling Message for Sheldon Adelson: APCW Perspectives Weekly for June 24th,2013

Sheldon Adelson, the Chairman of the largest gaming company in the world, The Las Vegas Sands, had some choice words for online gambling last week. We have some choice words for him as well. Also, a deadline for our industry looms in New Jersey.
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"You still try to figure out how to stop the clock on your VCR blinking 12,12,12,12 ...."

Briliant! :D

It is basicly the same as some people try to stop people from download stuff like movies and music...
They still think we are in the 60's and 70's where we had to go to a music store to buy our vinyl records and stuff...
They have no clue how to proper implement their products in a succesfull online business and therefore boo everything away that has to do with digital downloads...
Guys in their 70's with all respect but with no knowledge about todays needs...

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