an old problem, but do i have a leg to stand on with vipcasinos/sports?



i would like to explain to you my problem. i posted to the opa back when it happened but they put me off and off and i dont know if its too late to ask anyone for help.

i played at they are vipsports, a sportsbook. they had an offer of a 100 match bonus. i depostied 200 and received 200bonus. then i was looking through the site and it said vipsports. so i clicked it. it took me to the sportsbook. i was looking at the nets and the lakers games in last years finals. i decided to palce a parlay on the nets moneyline and the kings +6. i won about 2200.00 in my parlay.

the rules strated i had toplay 15tiems my depsoti and bonus in games other than baccarat roulette and craps. i played many many hands of 50 dollar blackjack until i had wagered at leats 1000 more than they asked. i won another 555.00. or so

then i cashed out a day or two later and they steal all the winnings and say they will only give me the 555 i won in blackjack. i won alot of money and it did not say i couldn't use the sportsbook i thought they were part of the same company. i dont think this is fair reason to take 2000.00 i would have placed the bet on that anyways without the bonus. i offere the middle fair ground of paying the winning parlay only on the 200.00 bet and they refused and manager hung up on on me.

this does not seem fair as if i lose they would be very happy and keep my money.

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