AmunRa Skrill Withdrawal method not showing up.


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Apr 25, 2019
Hi everyone, I've been watching the forum for a while. Now I have bounced on a problem myself.

I played at AmunRa Casino, a casino of N1 Interactive Limited, and they have an MGA license. I initially made a deposit with IDEAL, so I also wanted to pay out via bank transfer or trustly, but both are not possible. They do not support Iban function in trustly. So at the end of the story my payout was declined and I had to make a skrill payout instead. In the meantime I have made a skrill deposit and have my data verified. So now that I wanted to make this payout, there is no skrill method in the payout section !!

I hope there is someone who can help me because I like to have my money. I have asked them several times to do it manually, but I always get the same apologies that it is still under investigation, and that they want to solve it as soon as possible, I have been told in the nearest future.


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@homerbert I saw on a different post you are the REP for N1, I was maybe hoping you are able to help me, as this casino is running under this platform? I would really appreciate it thanks in any advance!
Hey @Jono777, unfortunately, there minimum withdrawal for Bank transfer is 500,- € as they have stated that on there payments tab of there website under there T&C, so the problem is that I'm not able to withdrawal to trustly because of the IBAN for Dutch players is not manual able to put in for what ever reason in there withdrawal section. but the minimum withdrawal for trustly is 10€, and because my balance is lower then the minimum withdrawal of the bank transfer, I had to choose skrill. In my case this should be no problem, as I'm a player from the Netherlands and don't have any restrictions.

But for some reason they have disabled or dissaperead my skrill method on the withdrawal section, as I'm fully verified with both bank and skrill documents.

I did not see if they have PayPal, and I dont want to use it. Because I don't have PayPal.

Thanks for your question.
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Hello everyone, because I have something that I want to keep you informed of the situation. I once again contacted live support. I would like to state exactly what they really tell me. Can you tell me if I really need more patience, or how does it work? This is what they said.

"We want to kindly inform you, unfortunately again the same thing, that you will be contacted as soon as there is resolution on your case. Exactly the issue regarding the missing payment option, Skrill is being checked and reviewed, as it should be available for your account generally. We are really sorry for the delay and for all the inconveniences caused, however, as we have already advised, a bit more anticipation is required in order to receive a thorough answer from our financial department, which we asurre you is going to happen in the nearest possible future.We have received all the required information from you until the current moment, therefore right now the only thing is to try and find a bit more patience, which I am sure you have used a lot this time , however, I am sure it will be justified.

They also have gave me a small EST of 3 days that they gonna be in touch with me about the case, but this is still not gauranteed as the live support is telling me this.
Hello everyone.

Its been a couple of days, i did not hear anything back from the financial department, aldo, i have made a new deposit with paysafecard, send in my details to verificate my paysafecards details, i had to wager it also, asswell i lost some of the other balance but manage to get it all back + a little extra, i was lucky. but still im hoping because of the issue that happend they still gonna process this. Im sorry about the writing skills as it is not always in my advantage.

Thank you verry much.

I hope there is still a REP that wants to help with my case,
the skrill issue isnt still solved either.

I slowly start to get really mad at this hole issue, finally they wanted to process my withdrawal but now they have failed the transaction because they have send the payment to the wrong email address, they have send in the payment to my registered email where I made the account with on the casino, and not my paysafecard email.

Why does this happen to me, this casino has even a license of MGA, and they have failed to pay me 3 times in total. I'm going to give up on this, I have lost in total then a sum of 500€ if they not going to pay me, including the deposits and balance I had left.

I want to say to all of you, stay away from this casino as you get a heartattack from there issues they giving you, and the only thing you need is patience but never gonna reply to solve the issue at all. I have been patience for more then 10 days and it has taken my toll. It's feels sad because I left alone because nobody can help me I guess. I don't gonna give up but, slowly think that I have to, anxiety is the worst when you have been waiting for a while already. But still wanna state that you need to stay away,

I will learn from this mistake, and also wanted to still say something to them.

AmunRa, get your stuff right before you launch a casino where you have no ability to cashout because you fail each time or your methods doesn't work.

There is trustly withdrawals but not avaliable when you have not the right bank account in the tab. You can only choose of 5/6 banks as a dutch player. There is no manual Iban function in Trustly.

Skrill withdrawal, the method after a deposit and verification doesn't show up in there withdrawal tab, so I'm not able to withdrawal to skrill. Either have stated them the issue and they have never replyd or solved the issue.

Paysafecard deposit and verified the account they still manage to fail the transaction because they sending it to the wrong email address, I have made a deposit with paysafecard with a different email that is used to create my account on this casino, wich shoudnt be no problem as it's verified and on my name.

They have failed me to pay me 3 times now because they can't process the withdrawals proper, they have managed to do this 3 times in a row wich is ridiculous, and I'm just a regular costumer. I feel gutted.


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Heey again everyone,

Weekend has passed, received a new mail today, this is what they sated.

Dear T,

Thank you for contacting Amunra Finance Department.

It will be my pleasure to help you today!

Please excuse us for the delay with your cashout.

We have tried to proceed it last week, but as you said it wasn't successful because of the email registered.

Because of that, we have initiated a more detailed check.

We will inform you today regarding the pending cashout you submitted.

Once again thank you for your understanding and patience.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email
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or via
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Best Wishes,
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But the fun part is as they stated they would let me know today about my payment I diddent hear anything, I understand that the day is not over yet but I know they won't work in the evening as they never reply to my email in the evening, non the less they almost never reply to my email when it comes to pay me.

I'm not going to give up and going to keep doing this untill they feel the suffer and anxiety of me, this company even manage to send a payment to the wrong email adress, they had luck this email wasn't in use. eitherway I have send them my paysafecard documents and got verified them to, processing payments to wrong email good job casino you are really doing the job there!
I don't know what happend, but they finally paid me!

Even I got paid the way it went wasn't the right way and I hope they gonna read my issue and will learn from this, I have done nothing wrong as I got my payment to. Thank you Amunra and I hope you won't make this mistake to me and others in the future!

Thanks everyone who read my post.
I have the exact same Problem with Neteller, but with a cashout over 5000€ ...., someone actually can help in this case? Im scared i dont get the cashout, this is a lot of money..

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