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I'm planning a trip to Amsterdam over Thanksgiving weekend in 2006. Just curious if you had any words of wisdom as to where to stay, favorite spots, etc.

I really don't have much of a price range. Going with 2 other friends who are all living somewhat comfortably in their mid twenties, but don't mind catching a bargain. Not 100% sure I want to room with 5 other strangers at the flying pig, but if it is really a great experience, I wouldn't mind doing it.

Anyway just looking for some opinions.
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I am partial to the Krasnapolsky. It's right at the Dam, the center of the universe. It's an old Hotel with a grand breakfast buffet in a beautiful atrium.

It is not inexpensive, and it is old but it definitely is my favorite in Amsterdam.

You can walk everywhere from there...


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favorite spots? just look for red lights and glass


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Probably, depends on the room.



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I've stayed at the Victoria Hotel, which is right across the street from the main train station a couple of times:
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It's a little cheaper than the Krasnapolsky (but not by much), and just right right down the street - so you're still smack dab in the middle of the action. The bar is nicer IMO, and it has a more rustic feel.

Favorite spots? Just wander around and you'll discover many on your own. :D

If I can remember the name of the Thai food restaurant we ate at in China town, I'll let you know. It was the best that I had in a long time.


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A superb place. You will have a great time. We found the Krasnapolsky fine but it isn't that cheap. But location wise it is perfect.

However Amsterdam is smaller than you first think, so anywhere in the centre is pretty much close to everywhere you may want to go.

If you can try and book a table at the Supper Club for dinner. We went there with Simmo! and Nicole from Roxy during CAC, whilst all the other affiliates went on the Supper Club Cruise Boat.

Great food, great entertainment and it is a weird and wacky experience eating on beds! But as you can see from the picture attached it is a trippy place :D


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I didn't know about the Supper Club.

I went off with another group durng the Supper Club cruise also and had a ball. Will have to try the Supper Club next time.

Thai food is the way to go, too.


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Tough finding a hotel that will accommodate 3 people... I just want to make sure I have a bed to crash on as I hate sleeping on the floor. If I went for something that was in that price range, I'd probably stay at either the Marriott or the Renaissance as I am a platinum Marriott member and would hopefully get an upgrade plus free lounge access. I guess it depends on what my traveling companions want to do.
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