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Well, the site I currently play use to have tournament "late reg." for only

15 minutes for most and 30 minutes for some.

If a person wants to play a tournament, I really don't see why, if they are

going to play anyway, can't they be in their seats by 15 minutes past. If

they can't, they need to wait for the next tournament they CAN get

into within a reasonable amount of time.

The problem for sites is that they need larger guarantees to compete with other sites (namely PokerStars). The larger the guarantees a site offers, the more people they can pick up and the more marketshare they can gain from Stars et al (who have over 60% worldwide marketshare). Thus, sites allow long late registrations, and nowadays a lot of "re-entry" tournaments.

In the example of America's Cardroom, re-entry often lasts 2-5 hours depending on the size of the tournament. This is done to ensure large guarantees, help grow the site, help keep overlays to a minimum, etc.

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