Americas Card Room raises rake but weeks later rake page not updated


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
In the coming days I will begin new threads about all the major rooms so I figured I would start with a card room that goes in and out of having issues. On Feb 5th i emailed support who sent me to the GM. I asked him why I had found so many tables not raking according to their published rake schedule. His response was the rake had been raised but they had yet to update the web page. Some pots are getting raked as much as 75 cents more then the published rake.

According to their website no limit and pot limit games rake 25 cents per $5 but were raking 5 cents per $1. Sounds the same right? NO! The reason is a $4 pot according to the published rake schedule would have no rake. The new way it gets 20 cents. This adds up fast in 100 hands an hour internet poker.

According to the rake schedule $1/$2 tables rake 25 cents per $1 as well, some do but others rake 5 cents per $1 again adding as much as 20 cents per hand to the house.

According to the schedule 2/4 and 3/6 games rake $.50 per $10 but these rake $.25 per $5 adding an extra quarter here and there.

Last but not least tables $4/$8+ should $1 per $20, these tables rake quarters for every $5 as well. Adding up to 75 cents per hand to the house. This is the only place I have ever seen rake quarters out of 3/6+ pots.

In my opinion this is just the same as a casino changing it T&C after you play and not telling you. This is wrong and I am not the only one who has brought this to their attention and yet they refuse to update the website's published rake or change the rake back to the way it was and is still published. This either deceitful or lazy, either way I recommend you stay away. I transfered my remaining balance to betcris, the sportsbook that owns them. If you go to an older thread you will find other offenses by this card room here

After a nice talk with the GM and a bonus deal to try them out again I did and was happy until this rake issue came up and another issue that involved an obvious tag team play. I even sent the hand histories and was ignored but now since they feel the need to not update their new rake schedule for weeks after being told by at least 2 prominent internet poker players I can only assume this is intentional.

There are many skins of this room. Assume any dobrosoft poker room that is not popular poker, choice poker, or poker world to be a skin of this room. Maybe these rooms have updated their rake pages there are so many I have not bothered to look. Dont avoid other dobrosoft poker rooms because of ACR's management, the others have good bonuses and loose players to go beat up on.
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They changed their rake again, this time its 25 cents per $1 on limit games, 25% rake??? Got to be kidding check it out says right here. Avoid this place at all costs withdraw any money you have now in my opinion! This is over 5 times normal rake.

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Thanks for looking into this, pokeraddict. I don't have the skills to figure this kind of stuff out.

It appears ACR has once again changed their rake (maybe because of my posts here and at other forums). It now shows the previous rake of 25 cents per $5 but several players at another forum say that is not what they are raking either. Several posters have said the games rake 5 cents per $1 now. I have downloaded an acr skin and there are no games to check out in the 1/2 + limits. The rake schedule at the skin shows a different rake (25 cents per $5)then ACR (25 cents per $5) Obviously the rake would be the same. Here is the skin schedule

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Like I have said before if a poker room cant even publish a correct rake when they raise them for a month, then raise them to the sky, then have to lower them again due to the outcry of the poker world and still not post them correctly they are a room that needs to be avoided. They dont even alery the skins to change their pages as shown above to update their page, or the skin is too lazy.

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