American poker players looking to fund their online accounts...


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Oct 17, 2006
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American poker players looking to fund their online accounts should look no further than their local Walmart.

MoneyGram, a money transfer service available worldwide and featured at the retail giant Walmart, can be used to fund PokerStars accounts.

The service is quick, taking less than an hour depending on how far away you live from your local MoneyGram provider. Depositors should keep in mind that there is a hefty $9.95 per transaction service fee and that you may need to show up to two types of identification.

In order to use MoneyGram, PokerStars players will first have to log on to PokerStars and request a MoneyGram deposit. PokerStars will then send you the information necessary to complete the transaction at your local retailer.

It was three hours from the time I requested the option to the time it hit my PokerStars account. Most of that time was spent fighting Boston traffic and waiting in the Walmart customer service line.
Yes, $9.95 is hefty compared to prepaid debit cards, but when you compare it to $20 per $100 for normal WU transfers, it's pretty cheap :)

For moneygram deposits to be cost-effective, you would need to deposit $200+, as Netspend gift cards cost $5.95 per $100 card.

The Netspend reloadable cards cost (on average) $4.95 to load, plus another $1 for the transaction fee...

But, if you don't have access to Netspend cards, then MG is the way to go ;)
Because Wal Mart won't/doesn't have time to grill you about who you're sending the money to, they don't care. I've been spending my disposeable income on real slot games for my basement, fun hobby but there will be problems if the jack booted thugs ever find out.
Why is a casino reprensitive posting this for pokerstars??? :what:

XXL??? Whats your name on stars??? :D

Just wanted to help out, I've nothing to do with pokerstar, I'm not even playing there. But if it helps some US players to be able to continue playing then it's good for the industry as a whole!

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