American Grand - RESOLVED - Paid in Full!


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Nov 19, 2002
Back in October I was locked out of American Grand. I had played a 100 for 100 bonus and gave them $16,000 worth of Wagering on Pick'em Video Poker only. I cashed out at $750, and was locked out, as apparently my IP address matched someone else's in my town. But I use the cable television company as my connection, and there are 300,000 people in this town. I know other gamblers in town, as we have a cardroom and horseracing betting facility, but I do not know ANYONE who has ever played at this online site.

Today I received a check in snail mail for the full $750.

I had filed with Montana, received a case number, but never heard from anyone. Apparently Montana or Bryan has helped with this matter. It was a matter that troubled me and made me very leery of playing any more online casinos. But all is well, now.

I have played in many online casinos since 2001. I can now say that I have NEVER been stiffed by anyone. I've had just a few bumps in the road. But overall, the experience has been very possitive. The highlight of my playing experience was winning a $3000 jackpot at Grand Aces several months ago, and they paid me fast. That was very exciting to me and I'll never forget it.

I am very happy to be paid by American Grand, which is part of the Crystal Palace Group.


Happy New Year! :thumbsup: :)
You are lucky not to have been stiffed by many an RTG casino. Before I came to this forum,I had to seek help from Julie Sidwell of Gambling grumbles to help me out to get my cashouts and I only went to that site by accident. God knows how many players were screwed by these casinos in the past.

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