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Jul 4, 2004
Anyone had bother with this lot?
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I've been waiting a month for my money, for the past two weeks they've claimed that they are being audited and cannot pay out any funds, I don't believe a word of it, many emails go unanswered, you have to flood their inboxes before you get any response. They also refuse to give a date when this 'audit' will be complete.
Beware of a casino that uses the audit excuse to delay paying you. That is usually a very, very bad sign I'm sorry to tell you.
American Grand used to be Five Roses, run by the Fortune Towers folks.

I played one of them under the old names and swore I would never go back. It took nasty emails and even nastier phone calls for them to finally pay me. It's been a while since I made the mistake of playing with them, but I swore that I would warn people away from them (no matter what names they use).

From an email I've kept since October 2003 (yes, I've kept it just cause I hate them):

Fortune Towers Casino will newly open as Lucky Pyramid Casino
Five Roses Casino will newly open as American Grand Casino
Golden Comps Casino will newly open as Golden Nile Casino
OnLuck Casino will newly open as Lucky Coin Casino
Riviera Gold Casino will newly open as Royal Circus Casino

I refuse to post their links.
I got robbed by one of the Five Roses group when i first started playing online casino's.

They paid my deposit back but refused to pay my winnings by invoking some 'Advantage Player' clause.
JPM's right - so many charlatans have used that "audit check" BS that it has become a red flag that the operation could be in trouble and has resorted to stalling payouts.

Is Paul Jurgen still managing this crowd? They used to be under the IPI Media banner, and he did little to endear himself with a number of players who had bonuses and winnings disqualified on contentious grounds and apparently with some arrogance.
Thanks guys, no surprises for me though, I really don't expect to be paid.

Casinomeister, I would've checked you list if I was a member of this site when I signed up, unfortunately I wasn't :(

I'll keep on at them as I never give up.
daywalker said:
Casinomeister, I would've checked you list if I was a member of this site when I signed up, unfortunately I wasn't :(

You don't have to be a member to access Casinomeister. :D

Unfortunately, the "cautions page" doesn't come up when you do a google search on "American Grand Casino", but if you did one on "onluck casino" you would have found it.

And then there is the search engine that indexes the entire website (minus the forum) here:
Keep at them daywalker. Call them and email them relentlessly. Hopefully they will want to finally pay you to go away! Oh and do tell all your friends and enemies to stay away from them and their ugly stepsisters. That'll hurt them even more. :sniper:
Guys - I'm shocked, stunned - THEY'VE JUST PAID ME! I've just got in from work and had an email from Neteller, I can't beleive it :)
I was about to move into 'hate campaign' mode next week too :D

Casinomeister, what I meant to say was that I wasn't aware of your site when I signed up with them. You're right though, I did search for them on here once I was a member of this site but it never showed up. Never mind all sorted now.
Now they've emailed me offering me 3 x 100% bonuses upto $2000. WR X30 (X60 for BJ!).
I don't trust em, I reckon they just want to snare a big deposit and I'm not going back!
I find it an amazing coincidence that I post my problems with them up on here and I'm paid out within 24 hrs! Naturally I aint complaining about that but please stay away from them.

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