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i don't know anyone who accepts those cards .. BUT i do remember asking those same questions in a sports book forum myself a few years ago. Please be careful. When i asked those questions .. it was because both my VISA and MasterCard were tapped out.

I have since gotten things under control, but I shudder to think someone else is going down that dark and dreary path. Be careful and whatever you do... don't use those cards if in fact you tapped out your VISA / MC with on-line gambling.

Maybe this warning is undeserved. If so, don't have any hard feeling for the advice. It's coming from a good place.
Very good advice- I guess at some stage most of us make a big mistake before we realise theres a potential problem- and hopefully those that haven;t made the mistakes realise comments like yours are well meant and from experience.

I did the same thing as you a year ago- now paid those cards out thank goodness.Amex would be particularly dangerous if the card used is an amex charge card (no limit) rather than one of the new credit cards.

Now only use visa debit card (own money) and find the ban on cc's at many places very helpful as a control measure.

I appreciate the lecture, but it is not warranted as my Visa / MC is not maxed out.

I'd like to know who accepts AmEx because I only have one Visa, and four different AmEx cards, plus my Visa (Wells Fargo) seems to be getting rejected (plenty of limit on it) at every casino I go to.

Thanks for everyone's concern
Just a thought

Idon't know any casinos that accept Amex however if visa is rejecting to casinos then you may be able to use cc with western union.

I beleive you CAN transfer to western union on their website from your credit cards and then transfer funds to the casino via the western union website.


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