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Nobody's taken ACH (check) deposits from USA players in months....

If you want to get paid, play at bodog, and be sure to use WU to withdraw
Really. Do debit card transactions work the same way as ACH transactions? Both are taken directly from the bank account. Strange days indeed.
I see, thanks winbig. As for Bodog, I just never really have won anything there in thousands of dollars worth of deposits. Just can't bring myself to give Calvin anymore cash!!
I see, thanks winbig. As for Bodog, I just never really have won anything there in thousands of dollars worth of deposits. Just can't bring myself to give Calvin anymore cash!!
FWIW, WU basically shut me down both as receiptient(sp) and sender about a month ago. Amounts and Manilla(over and over) may have been the trigger but when I felt the real heat I just said yes maam and ceased with no more contact and no questions asked. Would have posted prior but why when some just play it as me being a fool. There day of reality is coming and they will just have to accept it may be over for for Calvin he may just go unscathed but he has always been a major target especially after his Fortune Mag. cover story challenge "catch me if you can" and 60 minutes feature. He has been laying pretty low for awhile. No more shindigs at the Wynn............time will tell but I think time is in his favor as this faux pas will eventually blow over to some other FBI/DOJ crusade like manufactuers of bottles that can contain liquids.:confused:
Sorry,one should be careful with Western Union if choose to send deposits or receive withdrawals and I was rambling otherwise.
Some WU, Some Net Spend

Thanks for the suggestion, lojo and for the access to this area, Bryan. Here's what I know about US deposit options based purely on personal trial and error: my paranoia tells me that approaching WU on either deposit or withdrawal activity is akin to shaking up a hornets nest and dropping it down the front of your underwear. Nuff said.

I have had an active NetSpend account for over a year. Having had prior bad experiences with 'flaky' prepaid debit card providers I did more homework with this group before signing up. I have had zero problems with the card, the customer service team, the terms and conditions, NO BAD STUFF AT ALL. I have developed so much confidence that I took the big leap and now have my payroll check direct deposited to my NetSpend card. I pay most of my bills online anyway so it's a no brainer and my paycheck posts almost 2 full days earlier than standard. The card is issued by a Midwest bank that you can Google to read about. (Metabank) My fear is that NetSpend will get so popular they'll also get the attention of the "wrong" people and start rejecting gaming transactions, under pressure. Only negative aspect of NetSpend is you cannot withdraw to the card. So it's a fully functional debit card for transactions but you must fund with cash or cash equivalent...or IRS refund kidding.

Regarding casino payouts: I got my NetSpend account at one of those check cashing, payday loan places and one of the best things I've done in quite some time is established a friendship of sorts with the employees there. I have the same type of 'hey how ya doin" relationship with the man who stocks the ice cream at the supermarket. So, when I did receive a paper check payment (the only one) from All Jackpots, I simply handed "Teller #1" the endorsed check and he handed me the payout. He did ask me one question; "You want this in small or large bills?"

FYI on similar postings: this check I received from All Jackpots was drawn on a US bank in Upstate NY and in my hand in 15 CALENDAR days. No Pony Express Required.

Last observation: About 3-5 months ago, attempted to fund a microgaming account via NetSpend for a quick 50 bucks and when I hit the button to confirm, the cashier window went a little whacko, redirecting me to 3rd party this and that until it said my bank would not okay the transaction. Frustrated, I went to another Micro site...these are all the big name reliable guys...same thing...and again at a 3rd. I began to get pretty hacked off because I wanted to play so at this 3rd site I attempted to deposit $100.....and it worked.

You can image my reaction: reminded me of that old joke where the guy asks the gal if she'll sleep with him for a million bucks and she says 'sure!' and then he changes the offer to 50 bucks and in a huff she says "What kind of girl do you think i AM??" To which he replies "we've already established THAT, now we're just negotiating price!"

Each of those 3 casinos behaved that way, accepting only deposits of $100 or more for about a week. Then POOF everything went back to normal, and they'd take my pathetic $50 just as before. So the earlier thread where cards were being rejected without warning was probably not an isolated incident. Just weird.

Now I have to go shampoo my carpets. BTW still waiting for a response of any kind from Mr. Brickman following the email I sent from here...2 days ago? Altogether I believe this makes the 7th or 8th official inquiry into this withdrawal. Gotta quit counting those chickens ... just wind up with egg on my face :rolleyes:
Netspend & Eco

I have been doing the same with Netspend, found a nice local payday/cashchecking/moneyservice store and fund my card with a nice gal I chat with. But I have used Eco to withdraw and just had my first 2 deposits directly into my bank from Eco. YEAAAAA It is just much easier for me to fund Netspend from here than Eco. But thanks for the great idea for check cashing, I never thought about cashing a check there too. :thumbsup:I only had one so far and I just took it to my bank, it was just $400.00.
I am in the east valley area of Phoenix burbs.

i just wanted to say thanx brian for opening this forum as like everyone else here in the usa, its hard to gamble online because of the laws and such so its nice to have a place to keep informed untill we can play freely again:thumbsup:
I also want to Thank Brian for this forum!

I have been searching and reading everyday for months trying to find out HOW one from the USA can safely deposit money and play on-line, with absolutley no luck, UNTIL I was admitted in here.

Now I have had received quite a number of answers, suggestions, and advice!!!! And I thank ALL that have responded! :thumbsup:

I am very impressed that I am not the only person in the USA that thinks he/she should be able to spend their money as they wish , NOT be controlled by some stupid law that wants to 'brand' me as a terrorist if I want to gamble on-line!

I have read many posts here about how our Gov't is steadily takeing away our RIGHTS given to us by OUR CONSTITUTION and as a Disabled Vet who fought and was wounded more than once in VN and yet still went on to serve MY country 20 years until I was finally considered as totally disabled and 'Officially Retired".

IF I am to be called a terrorist for doing this, then so be it!!! If it gets any worse here, I may be looking for another Country to live in, as I find it hard to stomach the steady erosion of our BASIC FREEDOMS and RIGHTS our Forefathers established for us.

Sorry for my outburst, but i feel this is one of the few plces someone can speak their mind without fear of reprisal!

Thanks again Brian ! :thumbsup: (I wish you had a Salute smilie as you definately deserve many)
i also thank you bryan for making this available for senior members. its nice to know i can post or ask a question. and i can still read the latest news.
Y'all welcome :D

Again, this section is not viewable by guests and members not logged in, and by members >50 rep points.

If you are aware of a member who you think ought to be privy to this section, by all means have that member contact me and I'll probably let him/her in.
I just got access to this area, and this is the first post I have read so far here. THANKS! You haven't been thanked for almost a year, so you are due :thumbsup:

Thanks for the awesome forums, and this awesome section!!
This seems to be a little late, but this is the first time I have come across this post. thanks for letting me in, and thanks to RobWin for suggesting I ask. lol

I just wanted to say that being in the U.S. I understood that all the internet gaming stuff started because people were using their credit cards, not their own money, for depositing and then defaulting on the credit cards they could not pay because they stated they had a gambling problem.
I am still able to, and have always used my ATM/VISA card which is on my checking account. This is my money and the government does not have the right to take away my freedom to use it online if I prefer that to a land-based casino. Of which we have a multitude, I might add.
Things are changing rapidly in America right now, with financial institutions failing. They should accept any money they can get right now, and I think internet gaming is not the hot topic right now.. lol
But again I have, and urge others to keep telling their elected officials exactly how they feel about being able to spend their own mone.

Have not posted in forever, this forum sparked my interest. Thank!! I have used netspend for over a year with no problems. I have saved loads by not being able to deposit spur of the moment. It a bit of drive for me to go load netspend card. The fees suck but guess price I gotta pay if want to play.
Thank you!!!

Thank you for starting this thread. We needed it. It is good to know that issues like ours are discussed and questions can be answered. Thanks for this fantastic forum. It has been so helpful....I have not posted much but I am here and enjoying the readings. Good luck to all of you!
i really am glad to be a senior member and can come on this page and read the latest in casino deposits and such. its very helpful and the members on here are helpful . a P.M and i get good advice. its good that each member can share and come up with ideas . with out this forum i would not know how to even play online. thanks bryan
This is my very first post here but I have been a member for many years. I've found this forum to be very very informative and I always check in before I make a deposit just to make sure my casino of choice is still in good standing. I find the other members here to be up to date on the latest "happenings" in the online casino world, and am proud to be a member of such an outstanding honest forum. My question is this....should I be seeing this thread, as I am not a senior member...don't get me wrong...I NEED this thread, being an American, but want to make sure I'm a welcome guest :) THANKYOU CasinoMeister for all the hard work you do to make this forum a wealth of information and help!!! :notworthy
Where'd e1 go??

Did I scare everyone away from this thread or is it just that there isn't any current news for us "unfortunate to be an American gambler" updates???

This forum is so useful! Always welcome here..we could always use a little luvin!:D

I thought it so weird to see a 2007 post from Bryan on this little corner. Then I realized it was supposed to be hidden. I had no idea -- will be more careful in posting in OPEN forum about wins, payments, and processing.

Sometimes I have to be hit along side the head for the obvious to be seen/understood by me.

Dumb Diane

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