Dormant account
Mar 17, 2007
I received a newspaper who promoted this casino, it said "deposit 25, receive 100".
I deposited 25 and asked for the bonus, this is the answer:
"[...] This is to inform you that our Automated Administration System has closed your Casino
account. [...] Kindly be informed that this may be due to your previous activity in the gaming industry and/or affiliated casinos. Consequently, we are unable to maintain a Casino account for you.

We regret we have technical difficulty processing withdrawals or refunds through Neteller. However, rest assured that we can refund your deposit through Bank Draft, which takes 21 to 28 business days before it arrives at your registered address after it was processed by our relevant department."

Ok they didn't give me the bonus, but at least they could refund me through neteller...
25 with bank draft... 16 of bank fees plus the time spent to go to the bank... lol

So be aware, you can deposit with neteller but you can't withdraw
Yeah it seams that Playtech casino have problems with Neteller!

I dont hope they have run out of cash!
they finally refund me trough neteller
i don't know why they send me newspapers with bonuses they don't wnat to give me, boh :)

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