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Dec 18, 2004
I submitted a PAB for this issue a few days ago but CM hasn't responded yet. I'm worried because Amber Coast is closing all US accounts soon and I fear they might stall and ignore me until they close my account, at which point they can make the excuse that my winnings are void because they claim I have an uncleared bonus.

I have tried calling their customer support twice in the last few days. The first time, they said their system was down and wouldn't be able to look into my account. The second time there was no answer.

I have used the Playtech player inquiry form. I sent it over 3 weeks ago (on the website it says they will reply within 3 days). Here is the exact text of the complaint I sent to Playtech, which will explain the situation:

On September 10th, Amber Coast casino sent me an email offering a bonus of 100% up to $400. I deposited $400 and was credited the bonus. I then wagered about 10,000 on casino war.

On their website under promotions > terms and conditions (which I took a screen shot of), it states that bonuses must be wagered 10 times the deposit and bonus amount. This means that the wager requirement for the bonus I recieved was 8000. The terms also state that casino war is allowed for the purpose of earning a bonus.

I made a withdrawl of $1205 on Septembet 11th. On September 13th I recieved this email:

Dear Eric,

Thank you for choosing to play at Amber Coast Casino!

After participating in a promotion and receiving a Bonus, you recently requested a cash-out.

Please note that you did not comply with our promotion bonus policy, by either not wagering at least the minimum required in total bets, or wagering on excluded games (see website for detailed list). We have therefore declined your withdrawal request.

You are required to wager a further $9075 more in allowed games in order to meet the wagering requirements.

For further details regarding the bonus in question, please refer to the email that you received when the bonus was credited to your gaming account .

We apologize for any misunderstanding and thank you for respecting the mutual interests of fair gaming at Amber Coast Casino.

If you would like this explained to you further, please do not hesitate to contact the Amber Coast Casino Support Team. We are at your service 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week at:

Toll Free: 1-888-242-6309
International: 632-860-8566
Fax Toll Free: 1-800-787-9516
International: 632-857-2700

With Best Regards,

Steve Clark
Casino ambercoast Manager

I don't know why my cashout was declined, but I decided to wager the 9075 they claimed I still needed to wager. So I played casino war, and wagered over 9075.

I went to the live chat support to ask if I was able to withdraw. The support person said that I STILL needed to wager 9075. I told them that was incorrect because I had wagered more than twice that amount now. The support person asked what games I played, and I said casino war only. The support person confirmed that is an allowed game. So then I asked why my withdrawl was declined and I still needed to wager 9075 if I had wagered over twice the requirement playing an allowed game. They did not answer the question and told me to email customer support.

I sent this email on September 13th, and I have not recieved a reply to my question, or even an acknowledgement that I sent it:

Hello, my user ID is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I recently made a deposit and recieved a $400 bonus. I wagered approximtely 10,000 on casino war, which is more than the required minimum stated on your website. I then made a withdrawl. Several days later I recieved an email saying that my withdrawl had been rejected because I had not completed the wager requirement, when in fact, I had wagered about 1000 more than the minimum required.

Today I played casino war again, over the amount the email said I needed to wager (9075). I then spoke with a live chat person and they said I still needed to wager 9075 in order to cashout. That is incorrect. I have wagered over twice that amount now on casino war, which as the live chat person confirmed, is not a restricted game. I have not played any other game during this time.

All I ask is that you abide by the terms and conditions stated on your website.

Thank you,

I feel that I have been cheated by Amber Coast casino because they are not honoring the bonus offer they sent me. I also don't know why it is taking so long (10 days now) for them to simply respond to an email. They are obviously trying to avoid having to give me my winnings.

I have enjoyed playing at several different Playtech casinos over the last several years. I hope you can resolve this problem and encourage Amber Coast casino to abide by their own terms and conditions of their promotions. There are many many online casinos I can play that always honor the promotions they offer to players, and respond to emails very quickly. If Playtech casinos are not held to some basic standards of integrity, I will gladly play elsewhere.

Thank you,
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If you can still edit your post please delete your account info. From the facts given, it does seem they are trying to stall you and then confiscate your winnings. Playtech has an obligation to ensure these things dont happen but they are not good at it. Nevertheless, send them a reminder at least once a day.

I know Bryan is very busy now but given the urgency of this case, send him a PM(private message). I hope you get your money and remember, dont reverse your withdrawal at all costs.
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Amber Coast Casino Terms and Conditions said:
Bets placed in the games of Blackjack (all varieties of Blackjack including Pontoon), Roulette (all varieties of Roulette), Baccarat (all varieties of Baccarat), Craps or SicBo (all varieties of Craps and SicBo), Jacks or Better (all varieties of Jacks or Better), Aces and Faces (all varieties of Aces and Faces) and Casino War do not fulfill players obligations with regards to the minimum wagering requirements.

Maybe this is why you still have not met the wagering requirements yet. :thumbsup:
Maybe this is why you still have not met the wagering requirements yet. :thumbsup:

Then why...

1. I have a screenshot of the terms and conditions which clearly does not include casino war as a restricted game? I took this after my first withdrawl was declined.

2. ...did the live chat support person tell me that casino war is not a restricted game for clearing bonuses? This chat conversation took place after I had wagered twice the requirement. If the CS representative was wrong and casino war is in fact a restrictred game, that is their fault. Employee incompetence is not an excuse to cheat customers.

If they are changing the terms of the bonus AFTER I initiated a withdrawl, then that's just one more complaint I have about Amber Coast, and one more reason for them to be rogued if they don't quickly resolve these issues.
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Liquidsoap is only trying to help. Eric, maybe you can show us the screenshot to clarify the situation. The fact that the CS rep told you War is an allowed game is inexcusable but does not overide the Terms and Conditions posted because you played War before conversing with the CS rep.
Good screen shot!
Would be interested what meister has to say...
By the way if you zoom in you can read the terms.. :)
Bump for good news!

A representative of the Cpays group contacted me and my Neteller has been credited with the entire balance of my Amber Coast account.

Thank you!
Good for you.

Glad that is settled, but those terms are a joke. If blackjack is an excludd game, what's with the terms that state Blackjack play is subject to 25xWR - it ain't, it's BANNED - also, it is claimed that the doubling option cannot be used in blackjack in the terms that forget it's banned anyway, this is a joke because, unlike VP, doubling and splitting is part of the main base game of Blackjack and not an optional side bet as in playing a double up extra round in VP after resolving the hand in play.

The Blackjack term might as well say "players are required play Blackjack VERY BADLY, or we will confiscate any winnings".

It takes the likes of Playtech and RTG to get away with this crap! Two software companies that seem to be intent on corporate suicide, as reputable casinos will soon find any association with these softwares a serious business handicap.

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