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May 5, 2006
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Damn, you have to admited.. this guys are good...

First, Intercasino could be the best casino on the web...

Then, they implement Xmen Slots machines..

Now, they are going to provide the software for a Playboy Casino...

These guys at Cryptologic are just amazing... :notworthy

Lets see how is this accepted by the American goverment though.. Imagine a USA Today Online Casino...

I don't know how big is Playboy now days.. but being part of the American society for long time now, it could make controversy... But, for me .. is an amazing move on behalf of Cryptologic... They just can't be stopped...

Never seen it before.. advertised or comments about it..

Who were their former software providers..???

Pretty sure they will do much better and we'll be hearing more about them once they merge..

Any ways... good for Cryptologic, they are doing things in a smart way..

For Playboy, I have never heard of you guys till now.. Nice software you are getting
I learned about it

Yesterday I found out that they were using microgaming...

Is always bad when a software company runs over another one, in this case bad for Microgaming...

However crytpologic deserves it...

Lets see how Playboy does with this company.
KasinoKing said:
It's brilliant news - we need more Crypto's!! :thumbsup:

We also need finally an update of their graphics:mad:.Am sure they can do better.
This is interesting. Ladbrokes had the brand for some time but obviously have their own fish to fry and also, because of the Hilton ties, they couln't open it up to the US market which personally I think was a major issue. The brand is strong after all. Should be a good one to follow IMO.

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