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Dec 20, 2004
Washington DC
The following e-mail sums up an issue I am having with a casino. I won't mention the name, because I just sent the e-mail and haven't given them the opportunity to respond. I just want to know if other people think my request is reasonable, or am I out of line:

I have a small problem with my account that I am hoping that you can resolve for me.

I made a deposit today (December 28), and I was fortunate enough to cashout $1750. When I returned to the casino a short time later to reverse my withdrawal and continue playing, it listed my withdrawal as $1550. I went ahead and reversed it anyway, and eventually managed to run my withdrawal up to $2100, but I am still short $200.

I am assuming that the $200 discrepancy has to do with a $200 bonus I received on December 26. I played the bonus down to $.17. I wanted to zero out the bonus, but since I didnt see any games where you could wager less than $.25, I assumed I had effectively busted out of the bonus, and would not be tied to any future wagering requirements. Apparently that was not the case. Since my bonus balance was not zero, it seems that I was still obligated to complete the wagering requirements. When I made another deposit then cashed out, it appears that the $200 bonus was deducted, even though I was wagering my money from my deposit.

I completely understand the rules, so there is no need for you to explain them to me. If my assumption is correct, and you did in fact deduct the $200 bonus from my cashout, then I am respectfully asking you to make an exception and put the $200 back into my account (or rather back into my withdrawal). I shouldnt be penalized because I still had a few pennies left from the bonus that I couldnt wager. If you check my deposit and wagering records, you know that I have deposited well over $100,000 in the last few months, and wagered many times that amount, so it is not about the $200. Its about the principal of the matter. I earned the $1750 cashout fairly, putting my own money at risk, and I believe that I should have gotten the entire amount. Again, I understand the rules, but in consideration for the loyal player I have been, and the large deposits I have made, I hope we can resolve this pretty easily.

I look forward to your response. If I am wrong about what happened to the missing $200, then I would appreciate an explanation.

Thanks very much for you consideration in this matter.

You are completely right, in my opinion.
Im sure you will get the $200.
good luck
You know, I had an issue with a casino who will be nameless that told me they couldnt zero out my bonus balance of .01. I still had 750 to wager on it. They said it wouldnt effect me yet...I couldnt use my coupon. When I went back to them they repeated that they couldnt zero out the balance. Im mean come on. Who can wager a penny? They finally just manually added my coupon and I busted quickly. Quick exit....buh bye not going back.

Hope you get your 200!
Good harm in asking :) As an aside,, cant you just pick a 5 reel slot and play 1 line at 1 cent or something to zero out? I know most MG's allow you to do this.
small balance


As Simmo said, On RTG as well, you can go down to .20 but just play 5 lines (or just 1 line for that matter). Ive had 12 cents left and played it until zero as well.

I still dont think you are out of line though, alot of people don't realize you can do that, infact (im such a dork), when I first started online RTG gambling, I didnt realize you could go higher or lower than a $1 spin LOL

I hope it goes your way and if it doesnt, boy, I wish I had more than a few hundred cash out. Im just not one of those lucky ones, but I cant complain either because I havnt deposited more than $30 since 12/25 :)
I think that you can bet pennies on almost any casino by dropping the lines and coins.

However - I am sure, based upon your amount of play, that they will do anything to make you happy :)

Good luck!
The only casino I can think of where you couldn't get rid of 17 cents is Slotland. Lowest bet period is 50 cents...unless you play one line on Silver Kiss for 25 cents. That's the slot that will show you dirty pictures if you win.

Or so I'm told.:D
Good harm in asking :) As an aside,, cant you just pick a 5 reel slot and play 1 line at 1 cent or something to zero out? I know most MG's allow you to do this.
I'm not a slots players, so I was not that familiar with the different games and different wagering amounts. I opened 3 or 4 different games and saw that the minimum wager was $.25, so I assumed they were all that way. Since then, I have found the $.01 slots, and I was able to zero out the remaining $.17 of the bonus.

As an aside, they still haven't responded to my e-mail. They're about to lose a $30-40K a month depositor over $200.

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