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Jul 20, 2006
The past few weeks have been a nightmare. I play with the bonus and only go after HI EV. Still I get owned and it feels like I'm playing a slot machine. I admit I am running bad, in fact I am running the worst I have in my 3 years of online gambeling. On this last site I have been betting $2 a hand. After 1380 (600-650 hands) of wagering I am down 75 units or $150. How bad is this? The wizards RoR table puts this at less than 2%. Its not even the amount I lose, but the way the cards come out. At this last site in question I have seen:

-Dealer gets 2 (maybe 3 I have to double check) BJs in a row

-Dealer has BJ around 20 times total, maybe more, seems to hold an ace way too much in the hole with a 10 showing. Software allows you to double into a blackjack if the ace isn't showing. (I never double into a possible BJ)

-The dealer has not busted once after I doubled down to worse than 17. No matter what he shows.

-Dealer never seems to hold a 10 with this 4,5,6. If he does he gets a hand w/o busting way too much.

Its just sick. I have had streaks like this before where you can't win. Hell I have even destroied the dealer a time or two. I still have never felt anything as funny as this.

Is there any point in requesting my logs? How to I tell if I'm getting a fair deal? Can I post them anywhere or figure it out on my own? I have held off on naming the site because I don't want to just get brushed aside by people who have played/won there.
First of all. If you are playing at any of the major software providers you are almost certainly getting a fair deal. Secondly, ~2% isn't really any extreme bad run. And since you have calculated the probabilities AFTER you've had your bad run the numbers are more or less useless for testing a hypothesis.

The things you describe are normal. It happens. It totally sucks - but it happens. I hope your luck turns.

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