always check your old accounts for comp points


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Jan 17, 2014
So after a great run for 3 weeks where my peak was just over $1800 profit. I slid down to about $1300. Which is completely fine. I had a great time. jumping from casino to casino. Play tonnes of games. hitting wins. Exactly what gaming should be about.

However, after my unlucky run I know when its time to take a break. Ive been going to all my old accounts, new accounts and requesting a 30 day disable. Just in case I get bored and think ahhh whats another $50 im up so much. Well its mostly because my mind has been "mmm gambling is fun, lets just deposit $15 here no worries" So by doing this my mind wont think like that cause ive disabled all my accounts. My brain can get a rest :)

Well I went to my betfair account and checked my comp balance. Just to see. 700 points! $7! weee I can go blow it on roulette before I take a break!
$5 on row 3 and two $1 bets on two random numbers.

Row 3 hits. $15!


$15 on red. Red hits.

Now I have $30. what to do, what to do.

I bet $20 on red and the other $10 on random numbers. Including red 23


Nice little unexpected withdraw hehehehehe!

Check your accounts!


.......................................................................................................... ^^^^^^^^^^^lol
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Sep 30, 2013
Fair play for the "break" we all need it somtimes! as for comp points, me and my dad have 2 diffrent theories, when i go on a site before a deposit i check my comps, ill cash them in stright away then deposit, to maximises my deposit, my dad saves them, and uses them when he doesnt want to deposit, diffrent theorys i suppose, Gratz on your win, enjoy it!


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Feb 13, 2013
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great win there from comp

I had withdrawal of around 400 quid last week from spin palace, didnt have enough to deposit so was checkin and had exact 1001 comps at spin palace, so took 8.22 and did some spins on my fav 9 liner adventure palace and went up to 18

Then went to playboy at 0.30 and won 15

Upped my bet to 0.60p and got wins from almost every game i played and at one time was up to 490 and then went down to 412 when i decided to withdraw 400

So these comps can be very useful


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Nov 13, 2012
I love comps anything extra that online casino can give you outside of the general deposit match bonuses are always a good thing. Not much compared to land based casinos but still something. Something is always better than nothing :)