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el nino

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Mar 29, 2006
I so wish i betted on:

Barcelona to win the european cup
Sevilla to win the UEFA cup
Nadal to beat federer in rome masters final
Alonso to win spanish GP

I would of got good odds.

anyway, now i'll bet on spain to win the world cup at 14-1.
el nino said:
anyway, now i'll bet on spain to win the world cup at 14-1.

Although I wish you good luck, I must say that nadal, alonso and Barcelona where favourites to win the events you mentioned, and I dont know anybody who thinks that spain is going to win the world cup. And I live in spain (but Iam from argentina), not even spanish people think that they have many posibilities of winning the world cup.
I don't think they'll win but i do support them so I'll place a small bet on them. I actually think argentina are going to win it but history shows that south american teams don't normally win it in europe. But with the team that they've got, they should do well.
My bet on the spanish to win the world cup looks like a decent bet so far. They've been the second most impressive team so far ( after argentina ). And i also bet on F.Torres to be the leading goal scorer when he was 25/1. Now he's 6/1!:eek2:

I hope its An Argentina - Spain final. And I hope Spain knock England out on the way.:D
Glad I...

I'm glad I changed my mind at the lastsecond and took France at +260 to win!!!! WOOO HOOOO Wow I was sure Spain would win, just a last second gut feeling and a quick click of the mouse and I got some extra cash in my pocket!!!! Wow France 3-1 NICE!!! :notworthy

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