Alternate residency for USA citizens


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Mar 23, 2006
Now, I know this wouldn't work for the majority of us, but for those who live close enough to Canada, why couldn't you just hop across the border, get a bank account, a postal box, and an internet service and be back in business?
I lived in Canada some years ago, and had no problem opening a bank account for me even though I wasn't a Canadian citizen. Don't know if they issue id cards like some of the states do. For those flush with money, maybe even rent a small flat instead of a postal box. Just an idea.
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O Canada

The Great White North

Land of US war resisters, conscious objectors, and jilted slots and poker players.

How 'bout that, eh? :thumbsup:
Canadian residency

There are plenty of Canadian snowbirds who come to Florida in the winter.
I wonder if they will still be able to gamble online when they are in the States!
If so, turnabout is fair play. I think I will make Canada my summer playground. A campground and a computer is all I will need! :lolup:

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