Guess I won too much money, Aloha doesn't offer the $100-$250 single deck bj anymore. Dang!
Aloha Casino has not credited my credit card even after 24 days. Beware of this site. They make excuses for not crediting your credit card.
I have had the best experience with them out of all the Perplexa casinos. They always credited my card, sent winnings quickly, and if there was a problem it was resolved. Keep contacting them about this, and I'm sure they'll eventually resolve it. Be patient, they will eventually come through.
Dear Anonymous ( -,

If you would like your problem resolved, perhaps you can give me the user name (or your real name) that you use at Aloha casino and perhaps we can get this issue taken care of quickly. If you don't want to post your name, email me. They can't help you unless they know who you are.


Aloha admitted their mistake and finally credited my credit card correctly. Took a while but they made things right for me.

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