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Mar 18, 2012
Hi everybody :)

Hope this new summer week is treating you all well! ?

I spoke with Andy today, who's representing Relax Gaming and we came to idea to make a little interview, but not just by our writers - it shall be you who'll contribute in making questions, anything you're curious about and wanna know - will be addressed to the corresponding department to answer :)

So, let's begin - come up with some interesting questions, I'll gather them up and send to Relax for that lovely Casinomeister interview ! :cheerleader:
What/who is driving the reduced RTP movement that sees Relax games offered at lower RTP levels? (Sorry but I’m not into asking soft ball questions).

A challenging one, shall be included :)
Anyone with a question will a get a freebie, hm? :confused:

Why are your games such an aggravating ballache to trigger a bonus on?

Why are your base games weaker than Heineken 0.0%?

What is the point of offering 98% RTP when you also offer 98% boredom?

Are scatters there for decoration only? Or do they serve an actual purpose that might actually benefit the player by doing, oh I dunno,
landing on screen more than once per 100 spins?

And finally....

Why do I get the feeling you will answer none of the above? :laugh:
Quite a few interesting questions posed to the rep, who's graciously granted us an audience, and help 'bind' that rep/ player bond :thumbsup:

With that in mind, Andy

- who'd win in a fight between King Kong and Godzilla?

Is this fabulous collection of questions ready to be wrapped up and sent for the interview, or anybody has interesting question to ask Relax Gaming? :D
when Money train 3 coming out? whats max win? how often max win will drop? whats the chances hit max win from non bonus buy?
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when Money train 3 coming out? whats max win? how often max win will drop? whats the chances hit max win from non bonus buy?
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Maxwin is 100 000 x and it's 50/50 to hit the maxwin, you either do or you don't :)

I've tried it a bunch and my highest was 18k x or something with persistent collector+payer.

As for question to relax:
You host games from several smaller providers, for those do they use Relax games frameworks or do they create everything from scratch (engine, maths etc) and you simply host the games on Relax to reach a wider audience? Not thinking of for example BTG who are/have been hosted by several providers, but I do think there are some that are exclusively on Relax "Silver Bullet" or whatever that's called.

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