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All Star Slots Software Manipulation - Cliff notes at bottom

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Slippery Pete, Mar 20, 2011.

    Mar 20, 2011
  1. Slippery Pete

    Slippery Pete Full Member

    Professional Loser
    Skip to paragraph 5 for software manipulation.

    Hi everybody---I know I don't post here much, and I know most people only post when they have something bad to say, but I wanted to at least get this out there. Hopefully it will stop some people from depositing at All Star Slots (RTG).

    I've played at just about every RTG there is; lost thousands obv., but I decided to narrow my play down to 2 casinos---Intertops (because I did well there when I could play Microgaming), and All Star Slots (because they were "new casino of the year" here). Anyway, here's what happened:

    After a couple dozen losing sessions at All Star Slots, without my balance ever going above $50 (usually depositing between $25-$40), I asked them to close the account. They emailed me back with a no deposit bonus, so I played it (obv). As a side note --- as soon as I played the bonus money, the odds swung in my favor (at least for the beginning of the first session). I put $5 in nickel Bonus Deuces and was dealt 4 deuces (1000 credits), and then put $5 in All American Poker and got a Straight Flush in my first 25 or so spins (1000 credits). It went down from there, but I thought that was interesting.

    Before I lost it all back, I tried to make a withdrawal of $50 (this was 2 or 3 nights ago, and its still "pending"---no emails, nothing). This is still not the issue, I'm just curious to see if they'll process my withdrawal to QT (Intertops does it in 24 hours usually, but I've never been able to attempt a withdraw from All Star).

    Finally, here's what happened. I was left with 275 comp points, so I converted those today and started spinning Golden Lotus at 5 cents a spin. I hit the Golden Lotus bonus in the first 10 spins. I picked the Lotus on the bottom right corner for my first pick. The Lotus became "grayed-out", but I was given the prize for the Lotus above it. I thought "misclick?" maybe, and tried to pick the one I picked the first time, but I couldn't because it was still grayed-out with no prize showing. I still had 3 picks left (I didn't take a screenshot, because I'm stupid, and I didn't think what happened next would happen). Essentially, I was only allowed to choose from 7 Lotuses (Loti?) instead of the usual 8. So I pick my other 3 picks and they're all for 2x my original bet for a total of $0.80 I believe. In this game, after your last Lotus is picked, they will display the prizes for the ones you didn't pick. So after my 4th pick, the prizes pop up, and to my surprise, the Lotus I originally picked displays 100x bet over it! It would have only been for $5, but if they could do this on a $5 win, they could try to do it on a $500 win.

    I opened live chat, but they couldn't look at the screen shot. All they could do was email the "tech team". I also emailed the person who sent the bonus to let him know and ask him to close my account again.

    Cliff notes: Golden Lotus feature was won. I picked one Lotus but was given the prize for a different one. For the next 3 picks, I could not pick the one I originally picked because it was grayed-out. The original one ended being worth 100x bet, the one they gave me was 2x bet.

    Lesson: Do not deposit at All Star Slots (it might be best to avoid all Club World casinos). I will post back here if they have any explanation for the "software glitch". They usually don't respond to emails for a few days.
  2. Mar 20, 2011
  3. H1_Roller

    H1_Roller Non-Gambler

    Although it probably won't help in any way - I've always been under the impression that in these "bonus pick" rounds on slot machines, the result is already pre-determined and it doesn't matter one iota which icon/symbol/card(s) you pick. For example; if I had to pick 3 out of 15 mines in Double 'O' Cash and picked 1, 2 and 3 totaling £15, but then (rather unrealistically) went back in time and picked 8, 14 and 15 instead, the total would still be £15.

    Perhaps your total was already decided before you started but the game messed up when 'revealing' your choices. The 100x was supposed to show up anywhere remaining afterwards, making you think "ah.. just missed out".
  4. Mar 20, 2011
  5. plasticnote

    plasticnote Senior Member

    wins on these "pick and win features" are decided as soon as you hit the feature. So, your choices are not matter.

    I believe this is a display issue rather than cheating. A lot of RTG slots have this kind of displaying issues making already poor RTP even aweful.
  6. Mar 21, 2011
  7. Nifty29

    Nifty29 Dormant account

    Turn right, then right. then right again
    I can see how this might be frustrating, but you need to be aware that it makes NO difference which ones you pick. Your TOTAL win has already been calculated beforehand and the display is just eye candy.

    It's certainly NOT a reason to go badmouthing the casino and telling people not to play there when you have neither contacted the rep here nor waited for the technical staff to give you a proper answer.
  8. Mar 21, 2011
  9. Slippery Pete

    Slippery Pete Full Member

    Professional Loser
    Not bad-mouthing All Star, simply stating the facts (albeit poorly). I did say don't deposit there---I should change that to "I wouldn't deposit there if I were you". Just to be clear, I do not care about the amount won or 'pre-determined to be won' in the bonus round. I am probably doing a poor job conveying what went down, so I'll try to sum it up again:

    I selected one item during the bonus round (The prize 'behind it' was 100x Bet). Instead of giving me 100x my bet, they revealed the prize 'behind' a different item, and gave me that (This prize was 2x bet). After that, they blocked off the item I originally selected so I could not select it with any of my 3 remaining choices (essentially eliminating the item with the highest prize).

    Whether the bonus amount is pre-determined or not, scenarios like this should not ever happen.

    As I mentioned before, if I find out there is a good reason for what happened, I will make sure to post it here.
  10. Mar 21, 2011
  11. De Beuker

    De Beuker Senior Member

    Looks like a software/display glitch to me.
    In that case, it could happen at every RTG casino, not just AllStar.

    They are part of Club World, a reputable group, and I dont believe for a second they were deliberately trying to screw you out of a win.

    Glitches happen sometimes, it sucks, but there's not much you can do.
    Report it and hope RTG fixes it.

    Thanks for letting us know!:thumbsup:
  12. Mar 21, 2011
  13. cerdikola

    cerdikola Low Roller

    An epic 5$ win :lolup:

    I don't think they want to cheat at you for 5 bucks, since you lost so much money there; they might be willing to give you more bonuses and make you happy :D
  14. Mar 23, 2011
  15. Slippery Pete

    Slippery Pete Full Member

    Professional Loser

    All Star did get back to me about the "glitch", but they said that it didn't happen. Looks like I made it all up to try to claim my "epic" $5 win:what:. Here's their email response (grammar mistakes are theirs, not mine):

    "We have heard back from our gaming company regarding the issue you have with one of our games.

    They have checked and they could not find no errors on that game im afraid and all free spins you won was credited correctly."

    They mention free spins, but there were no spins involved, so I'm not sure that they actually read about what happened, or checked out the game history.

    Like I mentioned, I did request my first withdrawal from them on Saturday. Last I heard, my documents had been approved (today), but now I need to call a number to verify more info. I called the number at 3:30pm (UK time) today, but the cashier had already gone home for the day. They say the cashier should be there between 8am-4pm tomorrow.

    I know certain people don't like to see a thread like this, I just wanted to take a minute to document what happened in case it happens to other people who play at All Star, or any other RTG casino, for that matter. If All Star/Club World are your favorite place to play, please don't take offense to the fact that I documented what happened when I played there. I've simply had better overall experiences elsewhere (better play results/ease of withdrawal/speed of communication), and the software "glitch" seemed really suspicious to me the way it played out. I've never had anything like that happen, but if it happens again I will def. take a screenshot and post.

    I will reiterate that after I reviewed my play history from September 2009 - March 2011 and requested to close my account, All Star offered me a bonus (there are a couple of ways to look at that but I thought it was nice--not all casinos do that). Coincidentally, that was also the first time my balance went up (more than $25) which resulted in me being able to attempt my first withdrawal:thumbsup:.
  16. Mar 25, 2011
  17. jstrike

    jstrike Dormant account

    Programmer & Designer
    I gotta agree with everyone here that it sounds like a display bug, not a bug in the actual way the game works (which is determined on their end, regardless of what you see on your screen).

    On the other hand, their grammar is inexcusable.
  18. Mar 25, 2011
  19. Repro

    Repro Dormant account PABnononaccred PABnonaccred

    You'd think that at a multibillion dollar industry at least people understand the language :(
  20. Mar 25, 2011
  21. slotaddict

    slotaddict Dormant account

    actually, I believe their grammar was excellent if English is their second or third Language. Support personell get so much hastle yet they must maintain a professional feel. I had to call clubworld at one point when I first joined as part of a screening of sorts to verify my account. The woman who took the call clearly had English as a 2nd language but it was impressive, IMO. Much better than I would do attempting to speak a different dialect that is for certain.
  22. Mar 29, 2011
  23. Slippery Pete

    Slippery Pete Full Member

    Professional Loser
    Just a note on the grammar, (lol). She was from the UK. She had to call me to verify some info for my withdrawal (which did go through, btw). I have to assume English was her first language because she spoke it well enough.

    I still don't understand the glitch, but if it happens elsewhere, I will definitely take a screen shot.
  24. Mar 29, 2011
  25. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    That's very poor.

    From reading your story, it is quite clear that they WOULD find nothing amiss in the game logs, because you didn't actually PICK that 100x, because it was greyed out. However, they then curtly dismissed your story as though you were just trying to scam them out of $5, rather than considering the possibility that this was a display error, and looking further into this side of things.

    They could at least have asked you whether you could give them more information, such as a screenshot (even though you couldn't).

    It seems like you clicked on that lotus, but the server or client rejected your click, yet greyed out the selection as though your click had been accepted and processed. From the way the game is presented, this looks like it has deliberately rejected the selection because it was the 100x, and was "too much for the game to pay at the time", so it was canned, and you had to select again from the "correct" prizes.

    It seems the false "eye candy" that tries to convince the player that they really DO have an influence on the outcome is what has got them into so much trouble. The prizes had already been decided BEFORE you clicked, and had that particular lotus worked for you, it would NOT have been 100x, but the one you eventually got, and the 100x would have appeared elsewhere at the end of the game. For this reason, no amount of trawling through game logs, server logs, etc would find anything amiss.

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