All Star Slots,RTG Worst session ive ever had


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Jun 1, 2007
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Took them up on there 270% 1st deposit offer, made a $60 deposit so i had $222 to play with so i thought i would get a decent amount of playtime and some enjoyment, boy was i wrong

started playing $0.75-$1 a spin, i must have tried about 10-15 different slots,
result, 2 features, one on T Rex i won 3x my bet, the other on prince of sherwood got the feature but the archer i chose lost so didnt even get the free spins,:rolleyes:
I know its gambling people dont win everytime but I cant see how they can justify those sort of results, and call it entertainment

a quote take from there site

All Star Slots is one of the newest, brightest and most exciting casinos to utilise Real Time Gaming (RTG) software. Specialising originally in online slots, (including both traditional and video) but also ever-expanding its horizons to increase its catalogue, you, the customer, are certain to have more than a luxurious, rewarding time: All Star Slots offers a complete casino experience from the comfort of your own home.

Maybe i should sue them for false advertising as in my experience it was probably the worst experience i have had :mad:

moan over


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Mar 4, 2008

hi, ive got to say there cs is very good & overall other than not having a phone number there on the ball , ive had the same problems as you regarding hitting wins on all the games, it doesnt let you play for a while even if you make many deposits but i realy think at least there very fair in other ways or should i say have been very good with me , maybe take a break from there or have a little nag at cs maybe you might get a free chip or something , kind regards mrjones )


Nov 30, 2008
New York, United States
I have to agree...

I had a great first few deposits with them but this weekend was awful. I took the 270% also but hardly any free spins. It sucked.

The CS is great though and I do understand that you can't always win but this last 2 days was horrible. I won't deposit with them for a while.

I played in 'fun' mode last night and it sucked, too. A pop-up window kept appearing for me to play for real. I wish there was a reply section in that pop-up so I could reply, "Hell, no". :rolleyes:


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Jun 19, 2009
When they switched over to RTG, that was it for me. I uninstalled them ASAP.
Hmm, I made a rhyme :p