All Star Slots-Backlogged


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Sep 6, 2012
San Francisco, CA
So Just a heads up to everyone, that I spoke today with a rep from All Star Slots and they are about 48-72 hour backlogged on withdrawal requests and for multiple requests, I.E. different payout requests for one winning, they process one right away so you have something then just depends on other payout requests backlog I was concerned after my winnings, because i requested two different payouts. First, Pay My Card, and then a check . The check was approved next day but the Pay my card had not gone anywhere so i talked with a live rep. James was very polite and helpful and told me it would be processed within 48 hours and that depending on the payout request type they are slightly backlogged.

He also confirmed that checks should arrive to the customer within 7 days after approval. Just in case people are wondering.


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Aug 25, 2005
depending on the payout request type they are slightly backlogged

Backlogged? :lolup:They are part of Clubworld. Good luck on getting paid. Some of us have been waiting for weeks and still waiting.

BTW, the good news is they are working on the issue.
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