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Mar 30, 2004
new hampshire
I'm really having a problem getting paid, I cashed out 3,200 about a week and a half ago, and they are still giving me the run around, requestion tons of information, then saying they did'nt recieve it. So I resend, they say they got it, then I call back and they say they didnt recieve it. Has anyone had any problems with this casino.......will I ever get paid....thier finacial dept. is Proc-Cyber.....based out of South Africa and Israel.....any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
I had a similar problem with Ritz club.What I recommend you to do is to send them the documents while you speak to them on the phone so they can confirm to you instantly if they receive them or not.All slots casino is powered from Microgaming which is the leader in the casino industry so you shouldn't have any problem.Give them a polite call and ask for the casino manager.At the end of the day If you can't settle the matter to your satisfaction(getting your $) pitch the bloody bitch :lolup:

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