all criminals

I believe you are right.

Notice the post CM did about the PM that this guy wrote him.(page 6) he says Ha Ha, just like he Trial did in his post. I would bet you money it is the same guy. BUt I quit gambling.
SweetCheeks1235 said:
I love online forums, no matter what the subject is about by the third page it has nothing to do with what it had to do with originally. God bless 'em.

:lolup: How true! Now we're talking bout a damn movie. lol!
KasinoKing said:
This 'Trail' guy sounds like he could be the same person as 'Singledeck'...?
He also said he was in Germany, some sort of professor, was (or new well?) the 2-times Blackjack champion of Germany, and made totally crazy-sounding unsubstantiated claims about the unfairness of online Blackjack...
See this thread:-

Oh, the other thing they have in common - they both got banned for being abusive! :rolleyes:
You're probably right. The writing style is virtually the same.

He wrote me an angry email over the weekend which was pretty much the same as his first posting in this thread. He also tried to sign up in the forum with a different email address.

I have older email rants from this guy. If he is a professor of some school in Southern Germany/Austria it'll only take a little sleuthing to figure out which one. His department chair won't like the emails he gets concerning one of his instructors. :D

(see, back on topic :D)

yes.. seems to be the same one. Singledeck stated to come out of Dorfen. Guess what i googled?: blackjack+Dorfen--- and there are - unbelievable- some hits. I think one on the photos is our man?!!


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