All British SOW request issue.


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Jun 15, 2013
Yes and is has ended unfortunately. Gaz passed SOW process. Unfortunately we did require two extra documents delaying the process, but I'm happy he was willing to cooperate and I just pushed the process towards our MLRO when I could.


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Jan 28, 2016
ffs i was wanting an invite to the wedding.
I'll email the MLRO and ask him to request payslips going back to 1983, so long can it continue :)


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May 8, 2014
chelmsford UK
Money is In back in my account this afternoon.

Jan has bent over backwoods to try and sort this. Fair play to him, but he did advise to compile with what they ask

I would not have my money now without Jan, But his magic wand only extends so far.

Without him my money would still be tied up.

I will add the whole story with Jan's additives
Later in the week

Simple story was I sold my posh caravan and bought a 6 berth motor home. And money went in and out of my account.

I made a profit of £3,000on the caravan and they had my bank statements to seeb I had transferred thousands so had a big stakes gamble
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Oct 25, 2006
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Well when I get asked for SOWs, I explain that I left my 20 year full time job in 2003, and since then have arbed and bet my own sports "system", saved most of the profit and accumulated nearly 500k which is spread over several betting exchanges, bookmakers, offshore non regulated bookmakers, savings accounts and a large share portfolio. But because I have zero fixed income and its all but impossible to prove my arbing profit as some months its next to none others 10k, I cant pass them easily if at all.

Not that I even attempt to pass them with casinos, I point blank refuse to even try. But Ive had to with the exchanges I use and my god what a drama of weeks of shit with smarkets in particular who closed my account as they said I cant afford to trade. The whole thing is a joke