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From Whatwedontknow

From Whatwedontknow
Hiya T!

Here is the link that leads to the petition we have been signing at:
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We have also encouraged anyone in online gambling to write reps personally if they choose to. Here is a proposed letter to be changed as anyone sees fit (because I know it isnt perfect). A personal touch can make it more effective:

To: The Honorable (Add Senators or Reps Name Here)

From: (Your Name) , A voting citizen of the United States of America

Re: New Unlawful Internet Gambling Funding Prohibition Bills.

As a active voting citizen of the United States of America, and a supporter of freedom on the Internet, I encourage you, my representative, to attempt change in reference to new acts/bills that were recently signed. I would like to see gambling on the internet REGULATED instead of outlawing, banning, or permiting me from Gambling on the internet.
I believe this is a freedom of choice for me whether I wish to partake in this form of entertainment, and I do so at my own risk.
I am an adult who is capable of making adult decisions regarding my choices in entertainment. I do not appreciate the United States government violating my privacy and my right to do as I choose in my own house.
I do appreciate the laws passed in an attempt to protect me, but i would like it to not take away my rights or freedoms in the process.

Online gaming can be a regulated revenue source for the United States Government,through a permit, licensing, or taxing program as has been done in the past with alcohol and tobacco.
I believe that online gaming does and can serve as a larger,legitimate "at home occupation" for many people through the affiliate programs that are presently offered.
In fact, many US jobs in advertising, publications and the affiliate industry - people who pay taxes and vote, will be lost now that this legislation is passed.

I encourage you, whom I have voted into office to take the time to find ways to regulate online gaming in this country so as to be fair and beneficial for both the United States Government and the people who wish to enjoy of this form of entertainment.
It is important to me that I vote for those who are interested in safeguarding my personal freedoms and that I elect representatives that I feel will best represent my intrests in the House and Senate.

(Your Name)

You can look up your state reps here:
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You can Email your state rep here:
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Senators here:
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