Where can i find all aces playing strategy?
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i think all aces might have the exact same strategy as aces and faces? do a search for "aces and faces strategy card"
The strategies are definitely not the same. For example, if you have two pairs including a pair of aces, in All Aces you would just hold the pair of aces, whereas in Aces and Faces you would hold both pairs.
To me, All Aces playing strategy most resembles Double Double Bonus strategy. Another quirk of this game's strategy: if you have a full house with 3 Aces, you dump the other 2 cards and shoot for the quad Aces.

I enjoy the game, but not the volatility. :)
buy winpoker if you are a VP nut. You can define your own game and I should say All Aces is a LOT different than even DDB

I have noticed that one or two casinos are forgetting about the miniscule house edge of All Aces when it comes to the comp point system. With the lack of autoplay though, this is unlikely to be much of a problem for them.

If you can stand the volatility, look for casinos that offer the standard 1 point for $10 played regardless of games played, with $10 for 1000 points.

The EZBonus system rates All Aces with classic BJ at 2% weighting, but one casino group who treated me to a weekend of "bier" has disallowed Vegas Strip BJ, craps and Baccarat from the comp point scheme, but seems to have missed All Aces.

I am not sure of the exact payout, but have seen 99.9% mentioned for All Aces with perfect strategy, beating the standard 0.1% comp-back with many MG casinos. This situation existed at some Cryptologic sites, but eventually got tweaked in a somewhat sneaky manner.

The peculiarities are because quad Aces pay 2000 coins, half the payout of a RF! 3 Aces should always be held if in a FH, and pairs of Aces should also be held instead of 2 pairs. I had 3 Aces as soon as I tried it, but didn't manage the fourth.
Well, blast! I can't find my notes from when All Aces was released. I don't have WinPoker installed at the moment and therefore can't punch in the numbers for All Aces. I do remember volatility was way more than I can handle (except in small doses), but I can't remember the exact payout %. I didn't think it was as high as 99.9, but then again, I have the memory of a mouse. :p

A couple of months ago, this game dealt me quad aces on my first hand. My one and only 'lucky streak' in more months than I like to remember. Anytime I've played it since then, it has ripped me a new one... (so to speak)

Volatility is the problem. Not getting enough quads will kill you off quickly.
When I last checked the Wizard's site All Aces was not there. I hope it will be there soon. I saw the 99.9% in a reply to a post where I miscalculated the payout to nearer 99.1% It has to be good, as it was released without Autoplay by default, the first time MG did this with a VP game.
All Aces payout is 99.9195% with variance of 65.2. For comparison, JOB's variance is 19.5.

Thus with bonuses and comp points, All Aces is a beatable game. But it is not for the squemish, as your bankroll can take tremendous dips between the big hits. I've blown $1000 without hitting quad aces, but I've also hit them twice within 200 hands.

For less variance and better payouts, try the progressive games when the jackpot is large enough. 25c MegaJacks topped $2800 yesterday (103% return).

As stated previously, there are some important strategy differences from what you play in JOB, Bonus Poker, Aces and faces, etc.

For example, you hold 3 aces rather than a full house, two aces over two pair, a single ace over two big cards (J,Q,K,A).
Nice, if you have the patience.

All Aces would be a nice game if played during a promotion where wagering on any game counted towards the score. Without the usual Autoplay though, tremendous patience and a medical risk of repetitive strain injury is the price.

As far as I know, Jackpot Factory still have All Aces within the general comp programme at the standard rate of 1 point per $10 played, thus a +EV of 0.01% on this alone. This is enough to make the game worth playing, even though ClearBonus has made an allowance for this with a measly 2% weighting. I expect the casinos are less worried about this than with Classic Blackjack due to the huge variance.

The problem with playing the other progressives when returns also reach +EV is that you could be spending the money to find some other player has beat you to the payoff that made the game worth playing. With All Aces, patience, and enough in the bank, you cannot lose in the long run until the casinos see enough players "at it" and change the rules to remove the +EV, which will most likely be by removing the comps. Classic BJ with comps provides a wafer thin house edge still, so this is less likely to change.

If All Aces came with autoplay, I doubt this opportunity would ever have existed.

A while ago, Jackpot Factory ran a wagering promotion that awarded $4000 to the top wagerer in the final week. Play on All Aces awarded a mere 1 point per $1500 wagered, but with the comps would have made it for the patient and persistent player with a big enough bankroll. The winner had in excess of 3000 points though, and this would have needed $4.5 Million wagered on All Aces, or 3.6 Million hands (at minimum bet) to be played manually in one week - I don't think the casino were worried about anyone managing this in order to cop an easy $4000 with little or no risk. The only way to beat this would have been to raise the bet to $25 per hand, and many MG casinos limit this to $10, and risk ruin before making the $4000

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