Ala.: Bingo OK'd at Some Dog Tracks


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Sep 12, 2004
Bunch of hypocrites.... If bingo isn't gambling, then why restrict it to dog tracks? If bingo IS gambling, why restrict to those damn electronic bingo machines (which I won't touch) and refuse to bring in real slots? Sheesh... enough rant... On w/the news..

March 6, 2008, 10:03AM
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By BOB JOHNSON Associated Press Writer
2008 The Associated Press

MONTGOMERY, Ala. A House committee approved a proposed constitutional amendment Wednesday to allow electronic bingo games at greyhound dog tracks in Birmingham and Mobile.

The House Tourism and Travel Committee approved the proposed amendment on a voice vote. It calls for taxes on the gaming machines to go to the cash-strapped Alabama Medicaid Agency.

If approved by the Legislature, Alabama voters would decide on the proposal in a statewide referendum.

Sponsors say Medicaid would receive about $55 million from the taxes on the machines and as much as $170 million if federal matching funds are included. Medicaid officials have said they will need ....
Yes, and the machines have been yanked every so often by the authorities (costing the tracks mega bucks) everytime one of the big political honchos gets religion. I think tracks had video lottery for awhile, those got yanked (more than once). Now they've got the bingo slots & VP. I still won't play 'em.

Authorities are also in an uproar because the Poarch Creek tribe is building a huge hotel/(bingo)casino to go w/their bingo 'palaces'.

I say, fight fire w/fire and legalize gambling -- allowing it only in certain jurisdictions -- and screw bingo slots & VP.

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