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Jun 13, 2003
In most online casinos you have to be older than 18 years of age to play. But many of the Microgaming casinos don't let you register even if you're 18. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't been able to register with any MG casino with the new Viper software (I'm eighteen). In some cases casino support will gladly open an account manually for you, but this gets exhausting in the long run, especially If you have to wait hours to get a respond.
I believe there are some casinos that require you to be 21. I'm not sure which ones, but I have seen this in some casino "rules" sections. Maybe someone can post this info here.

By the way, welcome to the board! It's always good to have some young blood around, so us old-timers don't lose touch on how the younger generation thinks!
Thank you! I know there are some casinos that require you to be 21. But many of the casinos (especially MG) that require you to be 18 won't let you register even if you are of that age. Maybe the software is delivered with a built-in "age-check" that doesn't reflect the casinos' terms.

Once I tried to register at a Playtech casino, but the software told me that I had to be 18 years old, which I was (!). I contacted support, and they made the software provider aware of it right away.

Update on last post: I successfully registered at 7 Sultans Casino (MG)
WinnersPlayground requires you to be "At least 25 years of age" to play there.

I guess they want to make sure that you are old enough to comprehend how bad they are... :D

Casinomeister suddenly feels old now. When Casinomeister first came online, refre was only 13 years old! :eek:
Casinomeister is also now referring to himself in the 3rd person? Are we having delusions of royalty? ;)
I was referring to the website and at times I have vicarious feelings for it; thus the similarity of a third person persona.

Actually, I, Mr. Bryan B., have been messing around online since 1992 when these boys were jumping out of school buses.

Jeese, back then, we thought we were screaming with a 1200 modem. My hard drive was 100 MB with 4MB of Ram, and the only thing online were BBSs. When we would log on, everything was in DOS mode, uphill both ways, and we liked it!
Oh my my meister, the first computer was back in 1990, it was a terminal, logged on to bbs's, was really nice, BACK then, but now the biggest BBS is AOL, yes, it is just an over sized bulletin board system indeed. Any way, I logged on at 300 baud I thought that was fast .. hahaha..

Telix, terminate , all the goodies... laugh
Oh yeah, the good old day of a streaming 56k modem and 32MG RAM on mine. And I was thankful! LMAO! Actually, more like 22k and disconnecting every half hour. hehe!

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