after thinking it over [the usa involvement]


Oct 26, 2008
let me start with a quote from winston churchill [democracy stinks but beats anything that comes in second ]

ok my opinion about the u s a excepting and legalizing online gaming

these numbers of greedy crooks in government will screw it all up with there corruption bribes , payoffs , misappropriate use of revenues , nepotism job placement for family and friends look i could go on for ever

they would applie so much bullshit on the casino owners that the honest R T P to players would fall to probably 75%

what i want them to do is get off our backs about it let us police it [were doing a super job for free with out them ] they focked it up in the beginning
so keep them out
do they my government think that there the only ones that can examine company records ie audit i dont think so

now dont gt me wrong i would want to live any ware but in the usa
unless i could get all that it offers me in terms of retirement and medical benefits im retired

the history of the federal government when it comes to distributing the money there in control of is way lop side in there favor