After a horrid few sessions at club world.....


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Hey everyone,i recently made a $50 deposit at club world and when i tell you i had the worst round ever, no bonus rounds or nothing that i can remember so if there was that tells you how great they were right.Well i even broke it down into 3 sesions, i lost $20 then waited a day then dropped $20 then $10 so i also was a horris session over several days,but we all been there as i'm well aware of and gambling i expect to lose in the end but give me some value DAMN!!!So i sent our friends at club world a small email basically telling them how bad the session i had was and this was the reply i got.......

Hello Peter,

How are you? I checked your play history and I notice you had a bad play, this can happens sometimes, sorry for this.

Unfortunately we have no control over the main shared servers and RNG, they are at similar standard even with other software make. Anyway, overall you didnt play large amount and for long, you also won most of your deposit back so is a little early for negative conclusions I think.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further assistance.


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So now i have figured it out, as he so eloquently tells me afterall i didn't play a large amount or for very long? you gotta bet more now to expect some decent play?And of course i didn't play long because the games sucked, and how i won back most of my deposit when i went straight down all 3 sessions??:mad:


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Hi Petey

Im sorry that you had such a bad experience. You misunderstood one thing . What he was telling you is that you deposited a small amount but had alot of play time. He just worded it strange. Maybe it's because you spread it over 3 days. When he said you won your deposit back, he meant that you had enough wins to get you to $50, just not all at once

While I disagree with that bullcrap and feel bad for you, I wanted to clear up what he said for you


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Petey, you're alive man !! :cool:

That has been the story with RTG casinos all year long here Petey...


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thanks babs, i guess i did take it wrong,lol oh well he shoulda explained it better cuz i'm never wrong nah mean rofl...yea rob i usually just lurk here now because of working so much that when i get off i don't want to be online much seeing as the medical billing i do has me online like 12 hours a day,yikes!!!!:eek: