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Oct 23, 2006
I played in African Palace,deposited 100$ and got 200$ welcome bonus,completed all wagering requirementes in valid game and I played only in valid games.The 13 octber 2006 I done a withdraw of 580$ with moneybokers.In web site of African Palace I read that withdraw are processed after 4 days.I contacted live support in casino lobby to ask informations on my withdraw,and he has told me to send an email to done this butI 'am waiting again a response.
After I played in African Palace I read that is in black list of casinomeister.
What can i do?When African Palace'll pay me?
They may be slow at times, but if you followed the T&Cs, you should be paid. If you still haven't heard anything in a couple of days, please file a complaint here:

The complaint section is still off-line at the moment (to give me a chance to catch up), but once it's up - I can expedite this to the operator since I am in direct contact with him.
thank you

thank you Mr.Casinomeister!

Your words give me happy.

Ok I wait again.

Again thank you to help me.
I dont understand

African Palace sent an email the 24 october.
In this email they told me if I want pay my 580$ in three period on my money bokers account.

$193.34 26/10/2006
$193.34 02/11/2006
$193.34 11/11/2006

I accepted this conditions,because I think this is the only way to get my money,this behavior is very bad.

But I did not again receve money from this casino.

I dont know what I must do.
Good, they have proved they wont stick with their end of the contract, tell them you now want it in one lump payment. This is rogue behaviour.....back to Cm file your complaint!
no money

No money for me

I dont have words!!!

This casino is rouge!

Tomorrow I'll show at all member forum the emails that African Palace has sent me.

And also the email where they told me that pay me in 3 period!!!


13 october 31october no money!!!
incredible email from African Palace

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The customer support team are sharp and reliable, and always ready to help. Ive left African Palace as one of my Internet Explorer favourities. - Harold G.

AFRICAN PALACE: Thanks for the encouragement Harold. It's always wonderful to hear our service is appreciated.

I always seem to get more than what I put in with all the extra bonuses. Just when I think I dont have enough to play with, then this extra bonus pops into my account. Thanks for all the great extra bonuses. - Sally F.

AFRICAN PALACE: Sally, those bonuses are a gift from us to you. By simply being an African Palace player, is enough to give you more to play with than what you deposit.

African Palace scores 10/10 in my book. I have been to many online casinos but with the variety African Palace offers, I dont need to surf around any more. - Fasil K.

AFRICAN PALACE: Thats great to hear Fasil. We will continue to keep producing more exciting and innovative games.

Come along and try us for yourself
And you set the judgment!

African Palace - More than just an online casino!

WHERE IS MY MONEY???????????????????


Here is the email African Palace has sent me the 24 october

----- Original Message -----
From: African Palace Cashier Department
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 5:05 PM
Subject: Your Withdrawal

Hello Umberto,

Thank you for choosing African Palace Casino.

We would like to settle payment, however we would like to do so in part-payments. We will issue 3 payments of $193.33, thus totaling to the outstanding amount due to you. The payments will be issued for the following amounts and on the following dates should you choose to accept this offer:

26/10/06 - $193.34
02/11/06 - $193.34
09/11/06 - $193.34

However, as a condition, this offer may under no circumstances be disclosed to any parties as is strictly confidential. Should you agree to the aforementioned payment and it's condition, please reply to this email stating that you accept this offer. The first payment of $193.33 will be made on the 26/10/06 once you have accepted offer. We do have your Moneybookers account number, but we would be obliged if you could confirm this with us again please.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm Regards,
Cashier Department, African Palace Casino


Toll Free Phone:
USA:1800 704 5870
UK: 0800 917 5936
SA: 0800 66 77 88

Toll Free Fax:
USA:1800 931 1066
UK: 0800 471 5160
SA: 0800 66 77 99

Phone: +27 31 201 1920
Fax: +27 31 202 8780

African Palace Casino
Outdated URL (Invalid)

Today my withdraw i again pending!
I did not receve a only $ from this ROUGE CASINO!
I contacted the live support in casino lobby to ask informations on my withdraw,he has told me to contact cashier.

Please dear Casinomeister write African Palace in rouge casino!

Now I go in all forum of casinos and write my story!

All players must stay away from AFRICAN PALACE CASINO!
Seems they are really running low on cash if they have to do a low withdrawal like that in many installments. I would steer clear from this place.
By the way i do think they read this forum, and that you broke their "rules" by discolosing the amounts, so they decided not to pay you. However there shouldnt have been any rules like this in the first place.
Many playtechs seem to be running their "own" rules these days, not following the t&c:s from their website.
Where did the playtech dispute service Disappear? I mean i know it didnt work well in the first place, but is there any anymore?

I ran into the same problem with them. Roughly $1100 and they wanted to do partial payments (4 for me) and didn't want me telling anyone about it either (my email was pretty much an exact copy of the one in this thread. To their credit after stalling for three weeks, they paid me the first day they said they would and every subsequent week thereafter. Friend of mine had the same problem with a $1300ish cashout.

I don't play there anymore.
How anyone can play at an online casino with Africa in their name is beyond me.

The amount of spam email circulating the globe from Africa from alleged Princes and Prime minister's sons and nephews asking for peoples bank account numbers to dump $100000000 in there because they haven't got any bank accounts of their own, should be a warning enough in my opinion.


Secondly their UK telephone number on their website doesn't even work. Some crazy number (which is listed as toll free but it isn't) that I think is listed in SCOTLAND, but has an American girl speaking on an answer phone message claiming they are registered in Egham (SOUTH of LONDON, UK). Ugh, the whole thing reeks of poo.

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Stay clear of places like this.
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Hi Umbello - it's nice to see that you have found this forum all the way from Italy :)

I would suggest that you would keep sending the casino e-mails asking about your withdrawal. At some point you could get lucky and they could pay you.

But as said before, this casino has been already condemned rogue, so steer away from their site.
I confirm they are criminales

I contacted African Palace with chat,email and telephone very times.

The some answer:the bank department is closed!

They are criminales!They get also deposit of player!



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