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Jun 21, 2018
South Africa
Hello. I have not posted for the last two years. I have experienced minor issues. Mainly from newer casinos. Older casinos like Silversands and Jackpot cash are fine. The newer kids on the block are 50/50. Punt casino and yebo casino. In the beginning they paid OK. The past few months they introduced a nasty element. As eg they will run a promo with a massive playthrough. Once player has completed the playthrough and really wins. The software caps the winnings. In otherwords as eg. Promo costs 1 and playthrough is 18. After reaching 18 with a surplus of 5 as eg. The software no longer honors wins in credit. It pays on the machine but does not transfer to balance. Twice I queried this. Support says they have a right to cap winnings?


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Apr 4, 2021
Can you send me a link to a good Nigerian online Casino so I can spend my £5,000,000 quid I am going to receive after sending my bank details to a lawyer who is representing the ex President? Thanks in advance.

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