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Moonlight Cat

Nov 3, 2013
world - spam and threats

Hello. I think the right place to this thread is "webmasters corner", but i can't create thread there.
I think this video must be important for all gambling affiliates and operators.
Please be aware if you work with this company. AffPapa sell webmasters contacts without permission.

Here is the video about As i know they also sent
threats to author of this video.



Please write what you think about this.

Similar thread on AGD **snip**
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May 22, 2012
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Yes, the similar thread is by you too. We only need one. :)

This does happen, I without doubt have had my e-mail passed to scam affiliate programmes as I keep getting approached by them.


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Apr 27, 2009
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Dec 29, 2017
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A funny character Andrey TTR is. He forgot that his Gmail with 33K incoming messages is available to anyone and can be found on his YT channel. :D


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Jan 28, 2016
Heres their reply from the other forum

Dear TTR Casino,

We don't know who you are but you are quite unresponsive when it comes to your emails and also irresponsible when it comes to your videos and posts.
First of all thank you for the opportunity to publicly reply to your unreasonable accusation since we would have never paid attention to what you are posting locally for your YouTube subscribers.
We encourage you to read every sentence very attentively in order to better understand:

1. It is impossible to steal a public data! On TTR Casino website your skype and email (and other contact information) are publicly posted. Citing below`
"If you have any problems with any casino - send me your stories on Skype on niceaff, on the forum neverfold .ru (nickname ttr) or on mail tra1ttt (at) and I will publish them on my website!"

2. It is clearly stated on that we are connecting affiliates and operators!
Similar to every other business in the world our team is constantly searching for affiliates and operators through different channels and then connects them with each other. It is just very odd to call it a SCAM.

3. You don't have any account at!
Probably lack of knowledge of English does its job but it is obvious that you are sharing an email where AffPapa invites you to register and you complain that we are scammers.
Citing email below`
"Don't miss your chance to review our new section and get acquainted to our operators' offers. Feel free to register as an affiliate at AffPapa and demand the best offers from operators."

4. Unsubscribe
button is exactly for such cases - you could have simply unsubscribed from our newsletters and we` alongside with our operators would have never ever bothered you! You have refused to partnership with every single operator referred by us but you never unsubscribed - why?

5. Because AffPapa is growing quite rapidly in the last couple of months. You have picked up a topic that can help to gain relevant industry traffic for your channel where you have similar harassing videos about other companies as well.

6. SPAM and SCAM are 2 different things! Of course we can spam you by sending Newsletters with promotions of our operators in order to raise your interest to register at our website. It is strange that a blogger like you calls this a SCAM.

7. Finally - we will keep doing what we do because this is in the scope of interests of our clients! We will keep searching for new affiliates and operators, sending them emails, inviting them to register at AffPapa and connecting them to each other - That's what we are here for!

We respectfully encourage you to remove your misleading videos and allegations immediately!

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
we are kindly asking you not to re-post unverified content.

Best Regards,


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Jan 28, 2016
Just quoted that, as this stands out

1. It is impossible to steal a public data! On TTR Casino website your skype and email (and other contact information) are publicly posted.

So basically admitting they scraped or manually lifted the email address and added it to their mailing list.

As they are in the EU, that is a breach of the GDPR, so the OP is correct, they are spammers. They have no data protection officer listed. Another breach.

Funny one of my email addresses has been added to their spam list too, so affpapa are spammers, who are in breach of the GDPR.

@Moonlight Cat you might want to ask the admin at AGD why they are working with a group who admit to spamming, they have the AGD seal of approval on this page

http s:// affpapa . com/pricing/

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