Affiliates Watch Out for Onluck and Five Roses Casino's


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Sep 18, 2002
A word of warning, "Stay away from both of these casinos!" These casino's are sister casino's and I have had an affiliate relationship with both casino's for several months. Starting in October, I no longer showed, on my Stats page, having any player activities at either casino. I contacted Paul Jergens the Casino Manager about the problem and he told me repeatly he would look into the problem. On two separate occasions I clicked through several times from my website to test the clickthroughs, careful to check the Stats Page and noting the number of clickthroughs before doing this, and to my surprise, no clickthroughs showed up! It is now November 20th, almost two months later and still no resolution as to why no activity.

I have sent countless emails and have made several phone calls to get to the bottom of this issue and all I hear from the casino's is "We're working on it" or "I will call you tomorrow with an answer".

It is extremely unfortunate that certain casino's must operate in this manner. Affiliate traffic is a very big part of a casinos business. It doesn't make sense they would cut their nose off despite their face.
Golden Comps casino makes up this trio, owned by IPI Media. Players have had payment hassles with them, too. RTG software.
I have spoken with the owner of 5 Roses in the past, he is quite an [color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color]

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