Affiliates Watch Out For OnLuck and 5Roses Casinos!


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Sep 18, 2002
As an affiliate for both of these casinos, I am curious to know if anyone else is experiencing the same problem. The management for the casinos have announced to me that they are combining the total earnings from both casinos to determine whether or not they make a payout to me. This is new to me and I belong to several other multi-casino programs and each casino is handled separately. I have not received any notification via email or can find anything on either website that talks about the new 'policy' and my emails continue to go unanswered.

I would think twice about sending any traffic to these two or their sister casino Golden Comps.
There was a similar problem with I think it was a Microgaming powered group of casinos recently. The difference was that when the affiliates put forward their case the policy was reversed to accommodate them.

That is unlikely to happen here...Golden Comps, Five Roses and Onluck have a common management infamous for its arrogance if you search around the better known forums for posts on these casinos.
:confused: This may be a day late and a dollar short, but I've bypassed this post a few times and really want to add my 2 cents...or a nickel. Onluck was my absolute, handsdown favorite casino for a good while. I'm talkin' over Riverbelle, over Lucky Nugget, and Captain This and First Mate That. It was the only casino where, when I signed on, I honestly felt I had a good chance at a big win. Not a slot win, because RTG slots just bite, pure and simple. But their blackjack had a rhythm that was no less than mesmerizing. You could win and lose a fortune in 10 minutes but it was the only casino I have played or off, come to think of it...where I felt I had a 50/50 chance regardless of the day or time or what was retrograde, for gosh sakes. Firepay had an issue with a transaction of mine and systematically had me locked out of most of what I held dear. That included On Luck. They may have inadvertently saved my financial butt, but I get this feeling of melancholy anytime I see their name. I like RTG software when it hasn't been crapped all over. Or just prostituted like Powerbet has done with its through the roof minimum bets. SHAME ON YOU, Powerbet! Hopefully there are still good guys out there who don't have a problem sharing the winnings with the players every now and then. That's what keeps us coming back, you guys! And it's not like the odds aren't in your favor anyway.
PS Hey Bryan! Where do you and Shackelford play?

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