AffiliateClub: Dropped my commission again without any notice


Feb 18, 2002

they did it again.

Today AffiliateClub went down my commission to just 10% without any notice. I check my plan and saw that the general payment for me is from now on only 10%...

Evil: They also cut my October commission from 25 to 10%; today on November 7th!

The second commission change weithin 4 years. I started with a normal plan over there more than 10 years ago, then got a lifetime 40%. This was cut down 4 years ago to 15% for 0 new signups and so on.
And now without any notice they even capped the little left.

Iam really angry. This is not the way to handle with good, old and loyal affiliates. :mad:

Please: Could you guys check if your plans have also changed today?
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Aug 25, 2004
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Never worked with them, but as they have Playtech casinos - no surprise to read your story; I have been screwed over more times than I care to mention by Playtech operators - it's just the culture in their county of origin. :(

I also got recently shafted by a different operator who I thought were one of the good-guys; they dropped my RS by 10% with no warning at all (they just snuck a new term into their T&Cs without informing affs) - and this coincided with getting a really big-time player; I didn't notice the change for 6 months, so this cost me a MASSIVE amount of lost commission. Still negotiating with them, but it's not looking promising...

Unfortunately this goes with the territory - all you can do is dump them & let other affs know how they are behaving.