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May 15, 2018
Hello everyone,

I'm looking for affiliate marketers and most importantly advice from people who have been marketing iGaming websites - particularly sports betting and casino.

Any practical advice would be appreciated. Advice from someone who really been into this, rather than copy/paste what's already in the textbooks. The field is not new to me but honestly, its very difficult to grasp in it. This multi billion industry should have a good portion dedicated to affiliates but everyone seems to avoid becoming iGaming affiliate.

We are a fair player in the industry and so we expect from our affiliates.

Anyway, if you think you can promote iGaming with revshare model then please post here and let's talk.

Hi paxaqsaxd - not sure what you are asking here. Are you an affiliate looking for fellow webmasters for tips on marketing? We have a section for that, and you need to sign up for a Webby account via your profile. I'll do you the favor and add you to the group.
Thanks a lot. I'll have a look indeed.

I'm looking for affiliate marketers who are willing to promote casino website. You know, the good old revshare model - whatever a player loses an affiliate gets X% from the lost amount.

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