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Dec 8, 2007
orlando florida
I'm looking into purchasing a turnkey online poker gaming site either a existing one or a turnkey one. I've been told not to purchase a casino or sports book because there are too many casions any the sports book are to complicated. I have ok computer skills but I do know how to run a business just not a online business. Can anyone tell me or advise me what is involved in getting involved in this type of business? Is poker the way to go? I had someone call me last week and offered me exclusive terriorty of florida. He is brining this new poker game out and he is looking for franchises. He wants 10,000 for all of florida for franchising rights to his game as well a turnkey operation. Any thoughts on this? Any advice on this subject would be appreciated.



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Jun 3, 2006
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Well if your an American or live in American (or one of it's allies) and you open an online sports book or casino that allows Americans to play... the chances are your going to jail as soon as the DOJ gets wind of it... and they will get wind of it in a very short time.

If your going to start a poker room, and you don't have any experience with the business of online poker...

My advice would be to start another type of business or get someone that knows the online poker business that you can trust with your money, your reputation and whatever else you hold valuable, to partner with you.

In the business of online poker there are a LOT of sharks, but very very few fish... and no offense meant, but you sound like a fish to me. ;)

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