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Jun 10, 2018
Hey guys,

I am just wondering if there is anyone who has any better knowledge or understanding regarding the procedure Coral would take, should the following happen, as it did to me on Saturday 9th June and based on how Coral are handling this (virtually no contact whatsoever, just 'its being dealt with') I am now confused about where I stand with this. So, here goes....

On Saturday I was playing on Cleopatra PLUS, a regular fave of mine on the Coral Casino. Prior to this occurring I had already deposited and lost around £300. Literally, whilst playing out my final £50 deposit @ £4 per spin I hit the bonus in which I was awarded 5 spins, with the final spin x35 (see screenshot) So, I reach the 5th spin, with £60 already won and now I'm excited at the prospect of a win rolling in on those reels which would be multiplied 35 times - at £4 per spin, based on my experience with the game, this literally could be the one I've been waiting for - except that 5th spin, never actually stopped spinning and soon I was prompted to quit the screen, as it became clear that the game had crashed.

I didn't threat at this point, its happened quite a few times before, game/bonus crashes, simply relog, rejoin and away you go, the game commences....but not this time. So, I get straight to Live Chat to report this problem and initially I am advised to do the usual, clear cache, reset browser, blah joy.....From there I carried out my own procedure by trying the obvious.....I tried 3 seperate browsers, on a mac, then a PC , different IP, even different ISP - but of course, still the same. Returning to Coral Support, I was then asked details about my computer, browser version as well as some other standard kind of questions, which apparently allowed the customer service assistant on Live Chat to 'escalate' to the technical team. I wasn't convinced that what I'd just been asked to provide would help tech support or myself establish the problem or solution - I tried to explain that I had been playing on the same macbook, with the same browser for 2 hours prior to the game crashing. Furthermore, same setup every day for the past year at least!!!!

So, it's quite obvious that the session in which i was playing is no longer available hence I am unable to rejoin on any other device, and which is why everytime i login to Coral and hit the Cleopatra PLUS button, I am greeted with what looks like the bonus round I was successfully playing loads, 5th spin starts, 2 seconds later - the prompt error messages forcing me to close the window., leaving me feeling like I have been robbed LOL....

My main concerns here are 1) The sheer amount of time Coral are taking with no indication on when it will be looked at and resolved - even though I am a Silver Tier member which clearly states as one of the benefits at this level is PRIORITY SUPPORT, VIP STATUS......I really don't see that I am being dealt with by way of priority and that to me is just a completely fabricated reward or offer, that I believe to be extremely misleading and unfair.....2) I get the feeling that Coral, once they finally decide to look into the issue, will simply offer me the £60 that i'd won to the point of the crash, when in fact I actually believe that would be totally unfair because at the point the game was stuck, was at the one part and main part where I could really benefit from the bonus. So, I would definately like to know how I stand here with that? I feel I should be compensated with an amount that is fair based on deposits for the day and what I could have potentially won. At the very least I think they should relaunch the bonus round and let me play it again (if its possible).....having said this, I am none the wiser on what the outcome or solution may be, but i don't have a great feeling about it, so anyone who is able to advise me on this, I would vey much appreciate ;) Same goes for any advice on how I can possibly urge this to the looked at, because i have no clue how long it will take and its really frustrating and at this point I feel far from 'VIP' :S

Thanks for taking the time to read this, i do hope it makes sense, please ask me anything you need to....


Ann xx

(update) just realised im unable to upload files as im new, so there is no reference to the screenie, but i think you get the jist of whats gone on any way? :)
Hi Colin, yes, they just tell me that its been referred to Tech Support. I read somewhere that it may be referred to the game providers, Playtech is it? If this is the case they are well known for taking a long time to respond :) Appreciate your gesture Colin. Is what is going on with me, similar to what happened to you?
I had the same issue a few years back playing at Coral, thread on here somewhere, and I called them and gave the game number, time and date and a week later the winnings were paid. My issue was the bonus keep re-triggering and I got timed out for inactivity.

Best thing to do when this occurs is not to play any further games and contact them. That way they can easily locate the Game ID and chase it up with the provider.
Hey Nicola, thanks for the interesting reply! To be fair I havent stopped playing because no other game is restricted. I have just been onto Live Support again for an update and its easy for them to reference the game id in this case, because the bonus screen im stuck on still remains the same! Anyway, I was assured it was being looked into and i will hear as soon as possible....pretty much the same as the original conversation :) So, we shall just wait and see, not alot more i can do...I'm curious to know if they will compensate me for missing out on the crucial part of the bonus (the final spin x35 win) ?
I would ring them directly, live chat are terrible, whereas phone support is much better (usually) and if you don't get anywhere ask for a manager who do tend to help much more.

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