Advantage Player ??


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Mar 7, 2003
Bite, ME
This reads in Rules at OnLuck, 5Roses, and many other RTG run casino's (this taken off of 5Roses site):

15. Should we suspect your play to reflect "Advantage Player Tendencies", your account may be closed and any winnings and promotional funds will be void. Advantage Playing is defined as minimum wagers to the minimum wagering requirements with a subsequent withdrawal request.

So here is the perfect safety net for stealing players deposits and winnings now.

People, kiss RTG good-bye. I did, and I was addicted to the software, believe me, it's easy to do.

Bonus Abuser, Advantage Player, why don't they just say: "Deposit your money with us, whether you win or lose, you lose, but hey, you had fun, right?"

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